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  1. Rolling Stones ....Hot Rocks 64-71
  2. Something certainly wrong here I think. Even without burn in sound should be nice and only get better. I assume the tubes are bias correctly to 12 0'clock via the front panel window and that the swtich on the back is positioned for the EL34 tubes? Others with more opinion or knowledge will chime in, If all things are correct then I am not sure why it would sound veiled in any way.
  3. Taking my new cart for a spin 😃, Usually its Metal genre for me but taking some time to enjoy the 4LP boxset from the Allman Brothers Live at the Filmore set.
  4. Thank You @xlr8or I am currently taking a break from my usual thrash and death metal and spinning some Allman Brothers band from the 4LP box set live at the Fillmore. This new set up is working a treat, as time passes if things keep improving its money well spent. I wont roll the Melz in until I have at least 100hrs up with the Ken Rads. I'd like to give all this the respect and time it deserves prior to switching things in and out and confusing myself. Having said that, I've also just updated my cartridge 2 days ago, its got about 10hrs on it so there is a lot of change happenin
  5. Just rolled in all the new tubes this morning.. Gold Lion KT88s Tung Sol 6SN7s NOS Ken Rads into the 6SL7 posi (NOS Melz on their way also) Immediate thought is a bit more depth and width however also that my Willsenton tubes were certainly not that bad. The Gold Lions def have more slam which I am pleased to have. Happy I've made this switch and look forward to more benefit developing as they all burn in.
  6. Bluesy Friday night, few bourbons, a pizza.
  7. Agreed 100%... So much respected and valuable contribution lost 😞
  8. I just purchased an Acoustical Systems Fideles MI cartridge, have only had a little bit of listening time (under 5hrs) but its a lovely cart, initial impression is not warm in the truest sense and will give the reality of the recording but it is most definitely a very well balanced cart with beautiful detail at staging and importantly is not bright or fatiguing. Might push the budget a bit but well worth a look. Speak to @cheekyboy about these. It replaced a Garrott Brothers FGS Optim, which is very nice also, it has plenty of warmth with maybe a little top end detail sacrifice - never
  9. lets not let this now become a thread of bickering and it end up looking like a kindergarten class. The Class A vs AB discussion is turning the thread in a negative direction which I don't feel is necessary. Part of what we do is a hobby and in that context people will tinker, with speaker placement, cables, tubes, cartridges, bias adjusters, schematics etc, I get that, some people may think that's odd (which is all good, they're entitled to think that) but IMO that's what hobbyist do and its how you learn, but lets not blur that element into areas it doesn't need go. This
  10. Thanks for that, its interesting to read even if don't understand it fully 😂 I get the same impression as you with regard to fixed bias vs auto bias. I guess now it's a question of biasing to what percentage. Of the R8 is Class A and there is concensus on both bias measurements, I might go in the middle and at about 52ma 🤷🏻‍♂️...that being derived between the 45ma you initially measured at the windows 12oclock position to the final position at 60ma. I'm in no position to doubt anyone, the advice is all relevant and sensible, I'm thinking I can't go wrong in the middle l
  11. Thank you. Not exactly, I was wondering it was ok/safe to set up the bias adjuster and listen to music with it in place and connected during the warm up so to speak- or if there would be any danger in doing this. Thank you, that makes sense to me. I will set it all up and NOT play any music in that 15-20min. Once I bias the tubes i'll disconnect the guage and place the tubes back in the amp on their own, then listen. Out of curiosity, with the discussion on bias levels, how does an amp that self biases measure? Could this gauge be used to check the bias level on
  12. Thank you @Hydrology, I am not on any social media so would be keen to hear more on its available.
  13. Slightly off the current discussion... Quick question sorry guys, when biasing tubes using the bias gauge and adapters I noticed that some time for the tubes to warm up is advised. With that said, is it safe to fit the tube to the adapters then fit the whole assembly to the amp and listen to some music etc or do you just turn it on and let it sit powered up for 30min or so and measure the bias? I expect my Ken Rads here this week and figure this weekend I'll fit the new KT88s as well and would like to measure the bias setting for the KT88s and then make any adjustment as
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