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  1. Thanks akeswick81. I certainly loved them when I auditioned. Unfortunately, I just don't have the space to install these anymore. If anyone in Australia is interested, I am happy to ship them over from NZ. Feel free to PM me.
  2. Further information: Jamo D600 THX Ultra 5.0 Speaker Set comprised of: 3 x D600 LCR Speakers 2 x D600 SUR Speakers Please note this is a 5.0 set only. You will need to purchase a subwoofer separately. These items are BNIB except for one of the LCRs, which was removed from box to review for sizing and aesthetics. These speakers were initially purchased for a home theatre install which did not eventuate and are no longer required. Shipping Dimensions and Weight: Jamo D600 LCR W75 x D30 X H40 15kg Jamo D600 SUR W60
  3. Bump. Noticed the new series is out now. Anyone looking to upgrade and want to offload their old unit?
  4. Hi there. Does this include the power cable/wall wart? I noticed it wasn’t in the pictures.
  5. Item: Monitor Audio Bronze Centre (latest model) Price Range: AUD200-250 (depending on condition) Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: - Must be in very good to excellent condition (i.e. no sound issues and minimal cosmetic damage) - Preferably in Black Oak to match fronts - Preferably with original packaging - Happy to pay shipping costs to Melbourne https://www.monitoraudio.com/en/product-ranges/bronze/bronze-centre/ Been looking to match my fronts for a little while but can't justify the massive (nearly 40%) price hike by the new distributor s
  6. Hi there, Can I assume this was purchased in Australia? Do you still have receipt for warranty purchases and is this transferable to the buyer? Do you still have the original box and accessories? What is the model of the Logitech remote? Are you willing to offer a price without the Logitech remote or is it a package deal only? Cheers.
  7. Hi All, My name is Pras and I live in Melbourne. I am mainly into Home Theatre and look forward to chatting with you in due course.
  8. Originally posted by fishpond These guys are very expensive. Their prices are inflated by 20-30% compared to other shops in Sim Lim. An example: Yamaha v1400 receiver is S$1429, but you can get it for S$1100 elsewhere. Or V750 S$1079 (S$819 elsewhere) And they charge S$250 to send you goods (DHL). That web page is just a "honeypot" for unsuspected poor NZ and AUS buyers. With shipping costs and GST it's just not worth it (unless you manage to negotiate 20% lower prices). Anyway, keep us posted. Cheers care to name any of these stores? do they have websites which
  9. Hi everyone, i was just wondering if anyone has purchased any products from: World Audio Centre (singapore): http://www.worldaudiocentre.com/ What were your experiences (good or bad)? can these guys be trusted to deliver the goods so to speak?
  10. Just an open question to all members: Has anyone had any good/bad experiences with importing Home Theatre products (electronics) from the USA (or the UK)? I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good online retailer that ships to NZ and reliability issues that they may have experienced with them (good/bad) and possibly inform me of what shipping actually costs for a 15-30kg item (average variable weight for a HT Receiver)? I understand that a step-down transformer is required to convert voltages (for US products) so can anyone recommend one they have used (and purchased in NZ) succ
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