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  1. You would need a forklift to stack them lol! But yeah I’m sure they’d sound good! Happy to drop the the Dc blocker(s) over to you soon… you are quite local aren’t you? Drop me a pm and we’ll sort it out.
  2. Those look like a good solution Ray… Can you move the speakers around with those or do they grip the floor like the Gaia’s? Atc really should supply their own feet… one’s that work on wood floors. I have the Benchmark Dac3 Hgc… plays very well with the Hpa4 (as you would expect). Had the Dac1 Pre prior to that. I suppose not all volume control dacs are the same… however, the Dac 3 seems to at its optimum running in HT bypass mode which then means you need another means of controlling the volume. Hence the preamp. You have got me thinking again
  3. Thanks for the reply’s! I have 2 x Jl f112 V2’s which match the Atc’s really well…previously had a 12 inch Dynaudio sub which didn’t work out at all, just made a mess of itself. Also have the new tweeters which are really good…like the mid and Sl bass drivers…I am a definite fan boy. With regards to vertical dispersion, I think some ceiling diffusion will help (as well as getting the speakers higher on stands) but getting something that looks good in a lounge is going to be a challenge…I’ve pushed my luck getting bass traps and absorption panels in there…old pic atta
  4. Everything is the same apart from the bass drivers between those models…so only difference is the low end bass response. A good sub (or two) will fix that. Getting sub(s) may mean you can better tune the bass response to your room as there are more variables to play with. I use feet under my 50ASL’s that were designed for Led dance floor panels. They conveniently have the same thread size as the stands. I can move the speakers around easily to dial it in and they sound good too. However, I am about to pull the trigger on a set of Sound Anchors stands as the speakers really need to
  5. Please post a picture or two of what you can get with regards to angled plugs… I might be interested in these also. cheers
  6. I have a dc blocker that I am not using... its the retro-thermionic ‘DC-Duffer’ Let me know if you are interested Cheers
  7. Thanks for the reply’s... I’ll shoot a pm to you Paul with some details. cheers
  8. Hello everyone, I recently got a quote for "Sound Anchors' speaker stands for my Atc's from U.S. Lovely stands and come highly recommended but the price inc. delivery for the 4 post stands came to around $2500 (Au) which seems a bit steep...the delivery component being nearly $1000! They are heavy since they are prefilled with some sort of filler... So I thought of getting some made locally in Melbourne. Anybody have any success with this sort of thing and/or can recommend anyone to do a good job including a nice matt powder coat type finish?
  9. Yes why not have both options as @lebowski mentioned. You can get a decent setups in both camps for not much money and see which way you prefer... My 80s Kenwood tuner which I bought recently is a revelation of what’s possible with fm and I still have to option to stream with the pc...
  10. I have to chime in here with my 2 cents... My experience of streaming radio vs fm radio is that fm completely destroys streaming. It’s not even close at least in my setup. I haven’t tried dab so can’t comment on that. I have been working up the fm tuners ladder for a while and have been greatly rewarded. Especially since the price of fm tuners has been plummeting for some time...everyone seems to be ditching their hi-end tuners for cheap as chips money. I’m not sure why this is as fm still sounds great... at least for the stations I listen to (3RRR and Pbs in Melbourne). I have
  11. I’ll chuck my two cents in... I recently purchased the Benchmark HPA4 and was simply blown away with its complete transparency and ultra low noise. It may not be for everyone but this was a complete game changer for me. I was previously running straight from the Benchmark Dac to my ATC actives but now it all sounds so much better in every single way with the preamp. The bass and soundstage was the biggest improvements over what was already awesome. I would never have guessed it would have made such a difference thinking the purist route has to be better... how wrong I was!
  12. Really versatile amp and incredibly reliable... still sounds great once warmed up!
  13. Further information: Linn Index mkii in good condition and still sounding great. Was a best buy in its day... see link below. Sealed box and can sit right against a wall for fuller bass. Comes with Ku Stone stand which bolts onto the speakers (easily removable) which angle the speakers up a little and comes with spiked feet and biwire links. I highly recommend that these speakers are biwired (or even biamped) since it makes a surprisingly big difference over a single cable connection! Note does not come with the feet as in pictures (comes with original spikes).
  14. What a wonderful community of people! Love it!
  15. Great decks. Didn’t know they came in 2 variants. Is there a difference apart from the cosmetic? I have the F660 somewhere tucked away in the garage.... that’s a good deck but these are the next 2 levels up! There was a F770 in between as well if I recall correctly.
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