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  1. Hifi / audio hobbyist chiming in from WA.
  2. Just imagine if we all took MQAs way to loan repayments... All the money is here and its PERFECT. The missing bit is just the new LOSSLESS. Please note that while some companies will take their liberties with the wider understanding of the word "lossless", some other folk (street pharmacists, corrupt politicians etc) might not be as ready to appreciate the new definition of the term when it comes to their money.
  3. MQA. Digitally fondled sound for your musical enjoyment. ?
  4. Its probably an idea to get the word out and have the video by GoldenSound upvoted. [My Rant.. not aimed at Eggcup the Dafter] Its sad that corporate greed is trying to screw something as simple as the enjoyment of music. Whats next ? a MQA power cord ? MQA modified opioids (think heroin) to help regulate perspective and moods to mirror that of the original artist ? The enjoyment of music as we know it is under threat. Perhaps if we voiced our positions with a similar graphic in our signatures (borrowed from an ASR forum member) it would help n
  5. Yes. Yes it is. No blue light disco for me thanks.
  6. Maybe i'll wait for the "ebay tribute" version After someones uncle / aunty adds their personal flair to this vinyl spinning tour de force... It might just be the version that i'd be interested in.
  7. Hi Bruce, a fiddler who is "currently" happy with the setup.
  8. At the point of mastering, some of the music might be targeted towards the non audiophile.
  9. If it was in a different colour and it was described as a "bespoke audio tuned elastomer with a crafted nylon surround"... Maybe $450 . The tip is fantastic!
  10. Yup they do. That reply highlights the upgrade driven faulty thinking I sometimes entertain when it comes to hifi. Just think how good a NUC could be with it’s own linear supply.
  11. If you factored in a decent linear power supply for the Pi it starts to get into cheap nuc territory.
  12. Thanks r3x. I might not follow this all too well (the last time i worked with timber was in the early 90s) but i appreciate your input. I think i'd better let someone professional handle this as i dont want to make a mess of things. When i find some professional help, i'll have the text of your msg on the display.
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