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  1. I had my SCM11 speakers driven by my Rega Elex-r at 72.5w and sounded great. A decent 70w plus and you have a great great sound
  2. Just wanna vouch for the quality of March stuff - I have the P452 and a few cables. Just really well-made proper stuff with no snake oil. Really like the look of it all too. GLWTS (although that power button takes a bit of learning 🙂 - but it’s all about that great sound - and you have the trigger version)
  3. In the end I just did something aesthetic with 6 square paintable Broadway absorbers from Primacoustic. It’s really sharpened up the sound - improved clarity. An improvement even if mathematically it’s not perfect.
  4. the movies I bought on standard AppleTV are now 4K on my new one Doesn’t mean much but might point to their model
  5. David that's great info! I am surprised... because why then do the streamer boxes not integrate like for Tidal/Spotify/Qobuz etc? It does look like it's all there? The thing about iPhone is I can start music off, but if I leave the WiFi my Apple Music stops, whereas my TidalConnect / Spotify Connect keep going. I can't use my AppleTV without turning my projector on. The whole thing about music is there isn't a visual part to it. Its.... audio. I don't mind using my phone as a remote control but not as the hub. I want my dedicated streamer to be the thing receiving the stream... I am wondering why the API isn't being used.
  6. It seems Apple has resisted any sort of Spotify/Tidal/Qobuz 'Connect' style integration into anyone else's streamers. This is looking deliberate - the only way to stream Apple is via Apple ... and the industry in increasingly moving to one-box solutions (Naim, Auralic, Linn, Cambridge etc etc) ... ... and Apple has gone really 'best sound' in it's HomePod speaker... ... so give it a year or two and I guess there will be an Apple streamer like AppleTV but for music Apple looked deeply into the horological world (watch-philes) when developing the Apple Watch, and the audiophile world is easy to listen to. I'm sure people will still rise up in great debate when it happens 🙂
  7. I'm a bit of a (heavy reading) newbie too - I have only my own system to talk about. I can say that the work of Bruno Putzey and crew seems to get consistent market-leading reviews and respect. The Hypex (p252) and Purifi (p452) amplification modules seem to have moved class D into something very good, which means more power per dollar but at more class A style performance... I think. I can also say that if you email Alan at March Audio he's very helpful and would help match the power amp to a pre-amp. That p252 looks great value - I was happy to find March Audio as I could buy Purifi at a reasonable cost (wasn't sure about the NAD implementation, and it was cheaper than VTV etc), and the quality is very solid. The touch-control power switch is fussy, but that doesn't spoil the music. Pre-amps... I'd like a Mola Mola Makua or a PS Audio BHK or ... I think at lower prices the little 'desktop' units by people like Topping and SMSL and Schiit... so a Topping Pre90 ($930) with March p252 would probably sound great, or a Schiit Freya, etc etc
  8. I just upgraded from the Elex-r. Can’t compare with the Schiit. The Rega was great, and I think it’s a great amp. But really I think big things have just happened in solid-state amplification, and a Purifi (or Hypex) power amp driven by some simple preamp that scores well on Audio Science Review will be possible for $2700 and I must say has taken my system from OK to bloody marvellous. Those Orpheus speakers look nice!
  9. I just bought a Topping A90 (so no remote) from a SNA member to use as a preamp instead of the digital preamp on my streamer. The A90 is the one that measures quite well (ahem) on ASR and various Benchmark HPA owners (there’s your 4K spend) admit on YouTube agree it matches. I have it feeding a Purifi power amp (March p452) into ATC speakers. It’s just so damn clean. I hear instruments and voices, and the rooms they were recorded in. Only comparing it to my previous setup, and I’ve also added speaker stands and some acoustic panels. But as a newbie I really feel that these new solid state topologies and Bruno’s amp modules make for pure transparency... if that’s your thing.
  10. Such a good unit - mine is paired with a great power amp and ATC speakers it’s fantastic GLWTS
  11. Hi - quick question I was going to list (sell) my 2-year-old Rega Elex-r integrated but my mate wants it. I was thinking 1000 was a fair price is that about right? I’ll still donate to SN as I’m an addict to the site 1000 a fair price?
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