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  1. Thanks Bob. Much appreciated mate... All good.
  2. Nice one, well done. I wasn't interested in taking them, just what they do. Cheers. Ant.
  3. Thanks @Spinnergeoff Nice work with the matching stands. Yeah, good chunky wood.
  4. Hey mate. Great work. I use bare wire connections, no solder, to connect my drivers for easy swapping in and out. I insulate all bare wire with insulation tape. Sometimes I do use crimp lugs with spade terminals, as seen in many speakers... but I would suggest using quality lugs, instead of the cheapies found in auto shops. The only way to be able to remove the rear, is to screw it on. When you're satisfied with the set up, glue and screw. I see the drivers are mounted from the inside, so once you've glued the back on, you won't be able to get back
  5. Go figure eh? I was wondering what they powered, and what do you generate signals for. But, thanks anyway.
  6. Nice one @Spinnergeoff Well done mate. Love a nice Technics modification. Would you happen to have a few more pics of the process? Are those side panels glued and screwed to the outside of the original cabinets? I've considered the same method, instead of adding internal bracing.
  7. Thanks @Full Range Yeah, I thought so too... I started these some time ago, and put them aside. I'm keen to get them finished now, but glad I asked... a little more work, but as you say "play it safe". They are big speakers and will vibrate quite a bit. Thanks again mate.
  8. Howdy Folks. I'm making some bases for my Technics speaker rebuild, using 18mm ply... I've made the box sides using butt joints with biscuits & glue. I'm about to glue on the base and top platforms... but I'm concerned that using just glue may not be ideal. Should I use internal brackets ( small metal ), or maybe glue in some wooden chocks in the corners? The metal brackets will be easy enough to attach to either the base or top, but I won't be able to do both. What do you think? Will just glue
  9. G'day Folks. This is not a recommendation, but I know myself and many other members are on the hunt for reliable speaker repairs. Located in Melbourne. I found this listing on face book... sorry, I could only grab a screen shot, not a link. Does anyone have any experience with theses guys? Regards. Ant.
  10. " No thugs in our house... Is there dear? "
  11. Hey Shakers & Groovers. Urge Overkill compilation while painting shelves for new component rack...
  12. First coat of Heavy Metal... ... Yes, indeed... the colour is called Heavy Metal, water based enamel. So far, so good... no little paw prints yet. Frame will be sprayed tomorrow ( weather permitting ).
  13. Keen to get these assembled for testing... internal bracing to be done yet, but will put them together for a listen. As mentioned, they will be my first measured speakers, and introduction to Umik1, MiniDSP and REW. They will also be the first speakers I have specs for, making crossover design possible with a calculator.
  14. Oh... been working on these too... Recycled Sony cabinets, HiVi SS811R 8" driver & Dayton Audio 4" coaxial driver with 3/4" silk dome tweeter... mounted on 25mm, laminated chip board. These shall be used for my introduction to speaker measurement.
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