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  1. Yeah man. Pumping 51 House tunes on CD, got to thinking, this is a very good party system.
  2. Howdy Folks Happy to report that I've finished the dining room set up, although I'm running a Rotel RA-971 MkII amp until the Optonica returns. One minor drawback is no phono stage in the Rotel, so the vinyl will have to wait. Optonica RP-5200 TT, ST-5100 Tuner, & RT-5200 Cassette Panasonic DMP-BDT300 DVD Ugly 10AWG cable Modified Tip Shop Cabinets Technics 12" & Dayton 4" coaxial
  3. Hey Folks I found this while watching some videos about Cymatics - sound, vibration and form. While not related to Cymatics, it's a pretty cool video...
  4. Found this one I haven't seen before, while showing a friend some similar videos.
  5. @MP0001 I'll take those, please mate. Regards. Ant.
  6. I tried using one of the first listed in the above posts, but had already been redeemed and wouldn't work. Candyflip was generous and gave away two seperate codes, one of which I scored. @Disturbed Hey man, if you connect with @Esoterica, he may still have one available, and he asked me to point anyone his way if they requested. Thanks again Esoterica, and thanks again @Candyflip. Ant.
  7. Man! You are not wrong there. I was on my Android phone last night, for well over an hour, and I still didn't get all the way through the list.
  8. Hi Jon. I've subscribed last night, but too late to get a code. Do you still have one available? Regards. Ant.
  9. Man!!! F@#king Classic. Three things popped into my mind, Devin Townsend, Nightwish and the original Monkey. Great song and great video, and Aussie to boot, nice. Thanks mate, gave me a good laugh.
  10. Thanks. The listing I thought was a single, looks like the double from the barcode, but it wasn't specified in the listing. Cheers.
  11. Hey mate. Which version is that? I see a single, double or triple available.
  12. Here we go again. I'm using a Nokia ( Android ) phone, and I'm forever having trouble adding my pictures. This is the fourth attempt at this post... in my younger years I would have hoiked the bloody thing at the wall in frustration. I'm so close now, I can almost taste the satisfaction. Most of the work is done. There's still a few fiddly jobs remaining, speaker cables to fit with bananas and spades, stick some rubber underneath the last couple of platforms, and finish the dining room speakers and Dayton 2 ways. The three racks are completed with all platforms, awaiting the return of my repairs, which should be finding their way home when things open up again, and I can travel to both Sydney, and Melbourne to collect. The Music Hall TT is set up again, but I'm waiting for paint to cure on the PHO-8 phono stage platforms. I've started a full, deep clean of the whole house. The Sharp, Optonica CP-5100X speaker stands are finished. The cabinets have had a detail this morning, with a degrease, a polish with paraffinic oils, and the drivers brushed and wiped over, as well as the grille covers. If I loose this post, you should all hear me scream. Actually, I'm going to add the pics in another post.
  13. C'mon Man! Pink??? Lol. I prefer burgandy, or port wine. Although, they do look pink in the pics. I set the camera a little brighter. The colour matches my curtains and floor rug, and I've been doing all the component platforms in red, scarlet and Indian red. Not that there's anything wrong with pink.
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