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  1. Further information: JBL LS80 Floorstanding 3-way loud speakers (pair) in mahogany. Designed in JBL's Northridge Speaker Test Facility, these LS80s are a part of the JBL Synthesis line making them stable mates with the legendary Everest series. These examples were purchased new in 2013, I am the single owner, they are in near perfect condition and have a visually stunning room presence. Never overdriven, always with a high pass crossover at 60Hz and powered using a quality Plinuis amplifier. The bi-radial horns have wonderful clarity and imaging, coupled with the 2 * 8" woofers making for a su
  2. I own and enjoy a set of these, backed by the LS120P & driven by a Plinius P10. They are an outstanding piece of equipment. At this price they should be gone very quickly. Best of luck with sale.
  3. Wondering if we’re “punching at shadows” guys? “European Tune” What does that even mean? When these reviews speak of a Euro tune vs a Jap tune is this baselined with all digital processing off? I.e Pure Direct mode? Are we comparing electronics or software? They are both class D amps from the same manufacturer, same family - with almost identical circuitry. Different software could spin the sound into Eskimo tune. My RX-A3070 is arriving next week, can’t wait! It will be replacing my RX-A3030 which has been a great bit of gear. Replacing for the new DACs and MusicCast/Tidal integr
  4. Thanks Andrew, I know a current member who has also encouraged I come along and check out the club.
  5. ** Moved from Audio on advice ** Item: Yamaha Aventage RX-A3030 Location: Brisbane, QLD Price: $500 Item Condition: Average Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3%) Extra Info: Yamaha Aventage RX-A3030 with remote & optional WiFi adapter. Single owner, purchased Aug 2013. Selling due to upgrade to RX-A3070 with new ESS Sabre DACs & MusicCast so I can stream Tidal natively (without AirPlay). No marks, scuffs or scratches. Cheap due to a small liquid spillage event (thanks Wifey). The unit when switched on from standby always attempts to
  6. Moved to Classifieds Home Theatre / Visual on advice.
  7. Hey all, hope you're all well and thanks for having me....
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