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  1. Could be because you're using a transport as well. I didn't find different feet made a difference to my ref DAC, but I only compared the rubber feet to the metal spikes.
  2. Not unless you have a massive driver, as there are physical limits to how much air a driver can move. At 15Hz you need an awful lot of surface area to get to the same dB as at 30Hz. You'll just end up hitting the excursion limits and not getting any louder. Think about it - it's like getting a tweeter to do bass; you can't equalise a tweeter to give you loud enough bass. See this graph for how limiting even a (closed) 16" subwoofer is at those lower frequencies:
  3. Here you go: https://www.stereonet.com/forums/topic/509320-fs-audio-research-sp9-free-shipping-aus/
  4. And for what it's worth, I have two SB16 ultras, and there is no kick in the chest from them run flat out, even though I have a flat in-room frequency response down to 10Hz.
  5. "Punch in the chest" is almost exclusively at around 60Hz. I guarantee you you will not find anything else anywhere near as loud as an F18 jet at that price range.
  6. All out of stock at the moment, but if you want chest slam at the lowest possible price, these are it: https://djcity.com.au/product/mackie-thump-18-sa-18-inch-powered-subwoofer/ Note maximum SPL of 130dB
  7. I have the top model power conditioner from PS Audio. Somehow despite all its fancy regeneration from scratch with an allegedly perfect low impedance sine wave, it manages to not block DC.
  8. Wilson Audio, now famous for their stratospherically priced reference speakers, were infamous for creating high end speakers with commodity car speaker drivers in their early models. Think nothing of whether it's for a car or not, if the driver is good value, it's good value, and can be significantly better quality than equivalently priced "home speaker" drivers.
  9. No, but plenty of people will drop in here to tell you otherwise.
  10. Not offhand, no sorry. You're probably thinking of a DHT cabernet. He could make a chardonnay in DHT.
  11. A direct heated triode variant of a Supratek preamp, such as the chardonnay will fit the bill. New they're $2K USD, so if you can find one second hand it should come into your price range, or if you're up to pushing the budget you can get one new (and custom made.)
  12. Tested all my power amp valves for the 5,000 hour mark. Replaced two regulator valves whose plate current has crept up, but all the power output and small signal valves all still measure very good. Next stop 5,500 hours.
  13. I smashed through 5000 hours on my power valves without even noticing. I've already lit them up for today, so tomorrow's task is to check them all again. On the other hand, I went ahead and replaced all the small signal valves on my preamp as they started making rushing sounds in the bass range. Hilarious given preamp valves are supposed to last 10,000 hours and power amp 2,000. The preamp valves are only 2,000 hours old. This time I ordered some matched, high gain, low noise Sovteks from Tubedepot. They're my goto now for well-tested off-the-shelf regular valve supplier.
  14. I'm confused; does Apple lossless have different audio to the lossless that Tidal has (assuming non-MQA)? Or are you just saying Apple's lossless stream doesn't sound as good as the identical Tidal lossless stream?
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