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  1. Great news! And that was pretty prompt shipping too. Give it some time, it will get better. Do you have any headphones? They too sound great (albeit a little more background noise if no signal, just due to the sensitivity of most headphones). I am finding the R8 to be a gret headphone amp.
  2. @danielm How is your delivery coming along? Any updates from the courier? Enquiring minds want to know?
  3. Your phono stage should output line level, and should be plugged into a line level input of an integrated or pre-amp. This the then goes through the volume control on the amp. The inputs (CD, AUX1, AUX2) on the R8 will be fine for it. Just don't use the "Pre-in" because it bypasses the volume control and will likely result in full power output with no way to attenuate.
  4. Still remember the looks from my folks when I brought home Killers back in the day
  5. It may be that the LP version has different mastering. Be interested to see your thoughts as your system is resolving enough (just ) I still remember the first time I heard Sovereigns (very late 80's, early 90's), coincidentally driven from Kell source and amp. I was blown away.
  6. Was thinking about production and artistic (sound) differences between bands after listening to some of Senjutsu on the weekend. To me it is not at all enjoyable to listen to. Too "flat", recessed vocals and guitars. On the same equipment (see sig.) other bands sound great to me. Some recent examples would be Threshold, Nightwish, Pyramaze, Paralydium, Circus Maximus, John Petrucci, Soen and more All of these have (to me) more balance in their mix and production, with clear vocals and guitars as well as the rest of the group - they sound more "alive" than Maiden's latest. What are your thoughts? Am I missing something?
  7. Thanks for additional info, I now have looked up the details, so that has filled in some more of the background for me!
  8. Currently "spinning" Queen of Time from Amorphis.
  9. @BuzzzFuzzz Couldn't say .... I don't even remember there was an opening act Just over the road from The Palais in Melbourne there's a pub called The Esplanade (The Espy) ... the next year I stood for hours to get a front position for a Def Leppard show, in the ballroom above the pub. I think they were cancelled at some festival in NSW and came to Melbourne to play a gig. I'm pretty sure they opened with Stagefright, and all the lighting rig failed except the follow spots. Joe Elliot was p***ed. But didn't dampen the show, it was amazing. The lights came back up after about two or three songs.
  10. Yup, that's what the Palais was, and is, like. Great venue IMO. Seen a few gigs there, most recent was Dream Theater's last tour.
  11. I was there too, well I was at the show at The Palais in St Kilda. Row 3, freaking awesome show. (Year 11 for me)
  12. Hmmmm.... Maybe I need to experiment/listen more. I can't hear a great production at all. Finding the vocals quite recessed, and the guitars flat and also down in the mix. Bass and Drums however sound great. So far to me it's a real let down on the production front, because the music does seem great. The best I ever heard Maiden was at the Palais in late '82 when they played there on the Number of the Beast Tour. Awesome show from the third row Gonna get me over to the thread too, thanks for the tip!
  13. Can't help with the LP, but an amazing album for sure. It was the first one I ever heard where the singer was for firmly in the middle, in the room with me. "Joan of Arc" on a Krell and Duntech Sovereign system at Len Wallis Audio in the late 80s. Good luck with the search.
  14. The cage is closed in on sides, so to remove it you need to lift it vertically completely off, 2cm will just get it above the pins.
  15. 22cm height would just get you clearance, but given the heat generated 24.5cm would be ok physically, I'd personally want a bit more room for ventilation. Also, getting the cage on/off would be problematic if that was a concern - the amp is heavy - so you'd have to move it in and out to do that and, once again, it's heavy.
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