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  1. I run a pair of miller and kreisel vx-7 mk2 subs to fill out the bottom of my towers in my system which works an absolute treat ☺️
  2. Funny you say that as not long after this happened a fairly rare turntable I had wanted for some time popped up for a very good price. I'm pretty happy with my Yamaha pf-800 now which has just had an at150sa cartridge upgrade and sounding sweet. I still miss my Denon dp55k though which I sold armless.
  3. That's a nice turntable at a bargain price. I remember last year my best mate snapped my da401 tonearm on a very drunken night at mine. He was all I'll buy you another one don't worry. I'm like mate.......do you realise what you just snapped is worth? Was a sad moment in my hifi journey.
  4. I have a pair of these myself in my main system and the build quility is exeptional as is the sound. Highly recommend glws.
  5. Further information: Up for sale is my Nad pre/power combo consisting of a 1020 preamp with a pair of nad 216thx power amps running in monoblock configuration. Preamp is the front stage of the famed nad 3020 integrated amp in good condition with a nice phono stage. Pots are mildy scratchy and could do with a deoxit. Performs fine otherwise. These power amps have just endless clean power from them. My housemate could hear every note of me playing Beethoven from 6 houses up the street with the house closed up. It still could have gone a lot louder too...... But I have close by neighbours and cant listen to music at these volumes often so am going to try out what tube amps do instead. (Or fix my proton d1200 monoblocks ?) Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. I'm interested in taking this of your hands. I've sent a pm
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