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  1. Sounds like a plan & I'm sure there will be a few here interested to hear how it goes. cafe latte does brilliant work !
  2. Metal rather than wood ? I've thought about doing another perhaps in metal to compare, but I think I'll sit for a while and enjoy.
  3. I though I might do a follow up on this thread. I ended up buying a Cocobolo wood body for the Denon 103 from eBay - http://www.ebaystores.com.au/Stanley-Engineering-Shop It was tricky getting the assembly out of the plastic body, particularly the final bit ... and I stuffed it up at the last second and snapped the cantilever. $%#@&*^ 🥵 Anyway, having gone that far I had it repaired - it was certainly better the before with the wood body, and definitely worth it. Even with the painful experience along the way. As a parallel to this, my other ca
  4. these are great dacs. rock solid. preamp does work a treat and scales well. The I2S is a bonus as the other outputs are not shabby at all.. GLWTS
  5. I didn't, sorry at the time but they sitting right behind my covid office desk ..... one of these days I'll get around to selling them ! How about some displacement behaviour rather than writing that report !! So I've opened one up for you. Similar guaged wiring with the active going via the surge protector and then daisy chained along to each socket. A really tight fit inside an aluminium housing. The top is the sockets on a sliding rail system which look / feel pretty low grade. ... but hey they work. The Eaton that you've shown looks much better. ... i hope th
  6. For a while I tried out 2 x rack mounted pdus similar to those linked by @mikk - they were different brands, both unfiltered but had surge protectors fitted. One of them was this one. https://www.i-tech.com.au/1ru-6-way-gpo-rack-mount-pdu-power-rail-pdu-6whgpo-10a.html I also noticed that they sounded different to each other. I checked out the insides of both and they were similar build quality / wiring but different sockets .... I guessed that was underlying difference for the sound. I then took a punt and bought a Consonance PW3 unfiltered pdu although I was
  7. Fit it inside a wood body or aluminium if you prefer, and the hear it sing. GLTWS
  8. and as I'm out atm, matching the speaker cables with the SFCAs is damn important. worth trying out a few to see what works for you
  9. Yep, that's been my experience in using SF Cremona Auditors. And more generally It seems Paul McGowan agrees with @Hifiplus too even, if it includes the sales pitch
  10. Further information: Reduced price ..... A recent upgrade means I’m moving on this high-performing streamer combination. These four separate units optimised to work together and it’s being sold as a bundle deal. SOtM SMS 200 Ultra Neo: This unit was originally a pre-Neo unit but was modified by Australian dealer. Pre-Neo faceplate included. In excellent physical and functional condition with original packaging Teddy Pardo linear power supply: In excellent functional condition, however the faceplate has some scratches - the high grade DC cabl
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