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  1. At the CES they wouldn't let anyone near the screen to see the seams between the microled blocks.I sit about 2.2 mt away from my TV and it would drive me nuts if I could see seams in my screen.They also have only just managed to build a demo mock up with enough pixels for 4K with these block modules while Oled and LCD have 8K ready to go.To me mock up demo's against existing tech means microled is 3 years away at the least.
  2. LG are most certainly not dumping Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos any time soon as they were the first to support it.All there 2019 models have been announced with all but the cheapest "B" series getting an upgraded A9 processor and hdmi 2.1 which does 8k@60htz on the 88" Z9 model and 4K@120htz on the W9,E9&C9 models.
  3. WOW wow WOW Panasonic announce at CES that there 2019 OLED's will be the first manufacture with support for both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision.Poor old Samsung are looking very much like a guy on an island with a best friend called Wilson.
  4. My LG C7 from The good guys also had the tilt sensor.It kinda freaked me out when I unboxed the TV cause it's hard to get the stand attached without laying the screen down.I managed to get the stand on with the screen upright though.JB Hi Fi seem to have a no laying the screen down policy as I was there on Wednesday picking up a LCD as a second screen and they made me sign a form that I was laying it down in the back of my car at my own risk.
  5. The percentage of viewing I would watch on my Oled is 35% Youtube,35% Netflix,15% apple movies and 15% FTA TV.With my HDR content on Netflix being about 25% that is 20% at most of HDR viewing.Clearly my TV's SDR performance blows any other consideration into the weeds.
  6. The last FHD TV I had was a Samsung plasma and the biggest thing I noticed was how much brighter it was.The combination of a perfect black canvas and superior punch meant colours leap off the screen and it smashed the plasma in a bazillion pieces.My current expert bright room setting is 47/100 so any Samsung bs you here about OLED's not being bright enough is total BS.
  7. Well apparently Philips is now the king of OLED as they just wiped the floor with everyone else in a blind shootout.Sony did come in second but you would have expected them to not get smashed considering the premium price.I still LMFAO at Samsung trying to flog dead horse LCD tv's while every other TV manufacture has seen the OLED light and my LG is still as good as the day I bought it thanks very much.
  8. Personally I would have gone for the LG C8 65" for under $4K but whatever floats your boat.The big question for me is why hasn't the price of the 77" LG C8 dropped by even a single dollar since the day it was released?To me it seems to be way over priced.It sells for $5400USD on Amazon US which is $7500Aud.Even if you add gst that only takes it up to $8250 so why can't you get one at JB for $8k Aud?
  9. Only fools watch cnn,just ask Donald Trump.
  10. Not many people will highlight this in there OLED comparisons but the LG has the best operating system of any TV on the market and not by a small margin but a country mile.The PQ difference between them can be measured in minute fractions which is to say in a blind shootout of experts the Sony won TV of the year over the LG C8 only by a couple of points.It was literally that close.To me that makes the LG C8 at the cheapest price of all contenders,with the best interface and dolby vision a no brainer as best choice.
  11. I had well over 30 min with the X90F with stickers peeled off and my own content and calibration slides and getting it out of the horrible shop mode was of course the first thing i did.I found exactly the same thing that Rtings found in there review which is to say it's actually pretty good with the minor deviations in the corners.Only getting one home and seeing if i found it distracting in real world content could i say if i could live with it as a secondary display.The Sammy Q9 i haven't had a chance to play round with it for an extended period yet but i will do at some stage.Regardless of
  12. The grey uniformity has issues and actually worse than last years edge lit models.Certainly worse than the Sony X90F which has slight colour shift on all four corners which is why HN are putting stickers on all four corners of of the Sony in the showroom.This leads to DSE on sports broadcasts that would drive me nuts.Oled has the cleanest screens of the premium TV's on offer in 2018 and my 2017 LG C7 has absolutely no DSE in sports boadcasts.
  13. It just comes down to common sense and buying a tv to suit the content you will be watching most.If you watch mixed content and love movies in a light controlled room the OLED is a no brainer,it smashes LCD into a million pieces.If you play the same video game for 10 hours a day you are better off with an LCD display i would say.I'm actually considering buying the new Sony X90F for the new NFL season for the specific purpose of watching NFL redzone which runs over 7 hours with no commercials.Displaying the same logo for that amount of time for the 17 weeks of the NFL season would seem like a p
  14. As a general rule i would say burn in with OLED is nothing more than a marketing scare campaign by Samsung to try and gain sales for there own tv's.As of now they are the only big player without a foot in the Oled camp and Oled sales are steadily increasing.Had my LG C7 for a long time now and never seen any image retention at all with normal mixed content,nothing like issues i have had in years past with Plasma and CRT tv's.Rtings website has been running burn in tests on Oled's with CNN news and sport channels so that should give people an idea of how many hours of abuse you have to give the
  15. Not using a disc, apple 4K version.
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