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  1. Complete waste of money in your situation Luke. Your SR8002 has a very solid amp section that according to S&V measurements can drive 2 x >230W into 4Ω loads at low distortion levels. Two channels driven into 8Ω, the amps operate very cleanly all the way through to >150WPC before distortion rises (see graph in link). There is nothing wrong with the quality of this amp section. It's also THX Select2 certified, which means it's capable of driving a full set of 89dB/2.83V/m speakers (4Ω LCR; 8Ω surrounds) cleanly to Reference Level (0.0dBMV) in a medium sized room. It must also be able to sink peak current of 12.5A into each of the 4Ω LCR speakers. Assuming a typical listening distance, at your preferred -20dBMV into 90dB/2.83V/m speakers, the SR8002 would be loping along bursting less than a handful of Watts on program peaks and fractions of a Watt on a continuous basis. Even if you subjectively doubled perceived loudness and cranked it up to -10dBMV, the SR8002 still has at least 10dB of headroom up it's sleeve when driving the front speakers. Instead, I suggest you plough that money into a couple of capable subs suited to your room size and listening SPL's and a miniDSP (or similar) to independently control and "pre-EQ" them. BTW, passive bi-amping makes no net electrical difference in routine use, so can't make any actual difference to the sound you hear. No additional power is dissipated.
  2. No worries Sound_addict. Good decisions there mate. Please check back in and let us know what you think when they're all up and running.
  3. S_a, the Yamaha RXV-673 lacks main channel preouts, so you can't add a power amp anyway. I'm wondering if there's any particular reason why you reckon your current Yamaha may not be up the task with the new Paradigms? If you were previously using it to drive a set of Cinema 100's (85dB/1W/1m sensitivity), on average at any given volume, you'll calling on the Yamaha to deliver 2.5X and 1.4X less power to drive the Studio 60's (89dB/1w/1m) and Studio CC-490 (87dB/1w/1m) respectively. In addition (if you weren't running a sub previously), you will substantially reduce the power requirements on the Yamaha by redirecting low bass to the sub. Assuming your volume preferences don't change (and they might), your speaker/sub upgrade has already significantly reduced the power demands on the Yamaha. If the Yamaha is up to the job now, it will be with the new Paradigm's too. If you've got $1500 - $2000 burning a hole in your pocket and seeking easily noticeable improvements in sound quality, "upgrading" your AVR is the last thing to do. I recommend you think: speakers... speakers... speakers. Some options for that cash are : A second identical sub Exchanging the CC-490 for a CC-690 (70% movies right!) Upgrading the surrounds to Studio 10's (say) Any two of the above. If that is the case, your current Yamaha will be perfectly fine. The best bang for your buck AVR is one you already have.
  4. An update for those that might be interested... Despite the Triax amp spec here: http://www.powersoun.../products/triax continuing to state "120VAC only", this post on AVS from Tom V indicates that 240V versions are now in production: http://www.avsforum....0#post_23826636 While this doesn't automatically mean that PSA will ship here, for those who are still interested it might be a prompt to check again.
  5. No worries Blade. Dual Triax; that's getting serious. Does 2 X TRIax = SEXax? Actually, Jeff (JTR) asks +$100 for a 240V version of amps in his subs. http://jtrspeakers.c.../captivator-s2/ If it's from the same amp family, perhaps PowerSound can do the same? From what I've read, they seem to be pretty responsive to customer feedback. WOW Blade, I just noticed your 100% Seaton setup in your sig - absolutely outstanding! I'd sell my left nut to get Catalysts and Sparks. Are you seriously considering dual Triax? Mate, you already have the champion of ID subwoofers IMO!
  6. G'day fellas. First post! Unfortunately, from the Triax amp spec here: http://www.powersoun.../products/triax 120VAC only Bit of a shame, but if there's a will, there's a way... Looks to be similar to the SpeakerPower amp used by JTR in the Cap S2 and O/S, but with user selectable DSP. They're going crazy on AVS too: http://www.avsforum....0#post_23342383
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