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  1. From some of the info I have read, it is the active noise cancelling that can trigger Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. I have never had it before and it clears after a few days. The common thread for both bouts has been long sessions of using the headphones. The music level wasnt loud. I will see what happens, but wont be using headphones again as I wont risk another bout because it is debilitating.
  2. Hi all Lately I have started to get an occasional bout of vertigo. I have never had it before and have seen a Dr, had all the tests done that came back clear. I am trying to pin point a trigger, and am thinking it may be triggered after a long session wearing my noise cancelling headphones. As I started to type it into the google search it came up in autofill, so others have typed it into google before. Has anyone else experienced this, I would love to know. Thanks in advance Glen
  3. Came across this by accident. This is sublime. Moby - Reprise
  4. Dogs walked and fed, now sitting back with the fire going and a drink in hand (me not the dogs). Archie Roach's Dancing With My Spirit up next. It's mainly tracks from Looking For Butterboy (a great album not on vinyl sadly). It it really nicely done with tracks reworked and Tiddas adding vocals.
  5. Bob and Jimi getting a spin this arvo
  6. Physical Graffiti getting a spin today, love this album.
  7. I like 👍 Gave it a listen on Spotify, very nice indeed.
  8. Wow, bet they sound impressive. The only problem with that gloss black Dave is it shows up bald heads and pointy knees! Seriously though, they are smick. GLWTS and keep rolling with lifes ever changing ride mate.
  9. I've only used them for cable and fittings etc. Good fast service. They stuffed up an order once, I rang them and it was sorted. They told me to keep the wrong plugs, can't ask for more than that I thought.
  10. Just had a knock on the door. Been waiting a while for this new release. Sounds awesome
  11. Lloyd Cole and the Commotions "Easy Pieces" up next
  12. Now Kate Bushes debut album. Not a bad effort for a teenager hey? So many great songs, but I love James and the Cold Gun
  13. First up today is Adrian Belew. Brings back memories of a miss spent youth🤐
  14. I have dealt with Bill and he was nothing but prompt and a good communicator, very easy to deal with. I wouldnt hesitate to use him again. Not sure what is happening in this case.
  15. Working Class Boy Brilliant and insightful Highly recommend it
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