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  1. Dantan, interestingly I was reading your 2007 Report on the Krix Pheonix. And I see you here are having it for sale. I’m interested. Hicham
  2. Thank you tb123. terrific help this is indeed Hicham Sydney
  3. Jutta now that you have listened to the ERC-1 for a bit more, please would you like to compare it to another CDP to reflect its areas of superiority. let me put it also please to you in another way, would the ERC-1 gives me the musical satisfaction had I gone on spending 2-2.5K on an Ex demo Naim? Another question does the ERC-1 CDP provide the possibility to programe a selection of certain titles and to have them played to a preffered order? Best Regards, Hicham - Sydney
  4. Jutta.. I've really injoyed your ERC-1 review. I, too am in the process of buying this CDP. just received a quote from Sarah Terry Would you recommened buying certain interconnects to explore the XLR outputs? The set up is a 2 CH Arcam. I was for a Bryston BCD-1, or Naim 5XS CDP Hicham
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