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  1. @Stereophilus , Hi , Thank you for the detailed review. just wondering if the upgrade is felt across the board between Digital file stored on server and streaming? And do you still find that streaming has same performance as digital file? Thank you
  2. It's actually from Hong Kong. You can order it via their official website. https://www.minidsp.com/products/streaming-hd-series/shd
  3. In the end, the shorter the path from source to player. The better it will be. It’s simple logic. Digital file on core server played straight to streamer will always yield the best result . I don’t know what we are arguing about here.
  4. " (from where? doesn't really matter) " See, what's the point of this ?
  5. In how audio server would works. And how Roon explain it. Buffer is stored in Ram and Cache is stored on the core’s hard-disk and then loaded onto Ram. Because of License reason, Tidal does not allow Roon to store any of their music file on the core, it can only buffer and store in Ram. And yes there’s a difference when file is stored in hard-disk and then loaded back on to Ram, especially with grade of server that we are using. There’s nothing to prove here, we can genuinely hear the difference, and until one day you can try it , you are never going to believe it anyways. No matter what we say.
  6. Buffer and caching is two similar but different thing. Roon buffers to core and sends via RAAT but doesn't cache the file. This was from Roon's support.
  7. Best wishes and speedy recovery !!
  8. Not for me. I like to think it’s for like minded people to discuss how to fine tune what they can hear or believe. Pointless to argue , as everyone’s perception is different.
  9. Ian's system and my system can hear even the difference between playing from Server and NAS. He has already said that in a previous post. Doesn't mean it will necessary be the same for you. I am happy for you that they sound the same to you. But doesn't necessary mean there's a fault in our server or network protocols. Just like I can't stand Vinyl's popping sound, even though the analogue sound is amazing. The popping sound is really loud to me personally, while some people can completely ignore the popping sound, and love vinyl. We all have different perception to things, and that's perfectly ok. We really don't need to prove each other wrong..
  10. I think what goes in the extreme, is just as important as what comes out of the extreme. I am not saying SGM Extreme won't do a good job as an streaming endpoint. It just does a much better job with server hosted digital files, because that's where it's design focus has been. I really recommend you to read part 3 of the detailed review that I posted earlier. There's a paragraph where he shared his experience with Tidal. I do feel streaming will eventually get to a point where it is indistinguishable to digital file. And of course YMMV, as everyone's server , streaming, and network configuration optimization is different. Maybe someone has a really noisy server, and streaming to an endpoint could actually be better than coming from his/or her server. It's all relative to the system you have. But in the case of the SGM Extreme, it's job and design is to host digital files, and extract the best out of it and send it via USB to USB capable dacs.
  11. This is an extremely detail 5 part review of the Taiko Audio SGM Extreme. https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/reality-quest-going-to-extremes-with-the-taiko-audio-sgm-extreme-part-1-of-5-r907/ Goes into detail of all the ins and outs of what makes a Taiko Audio SGM Extreme so special. USB output is a critical part of what was optimized in the SGM Extreme.
  12. yeah, and if Taiko were able to implement the real time PGGB coversion. It will really be a whole new other level for most PCM dacs.
  13. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised how good digital file can be when you get your CX upgrade back. It's pretty insane how much improvement has been made on served music. I know this may not be the place for discussion, but it's still relevant to the system on hand. Just know that a few people whos opinion I trust dearly, have said the Taiko Extreme digital is competing in the realm of Vinyl, not just comparing to CD.
  14. While I agree streaming has come a long way in the last 3 years. This is Taiko extreme server we are talking about here.... Even on an Antipodes server digital file does sound much better than streaming. I would think on a Taiko , the difference would be even larger.
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