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  1. PTI in HD is great. I never watch ESPN anymore, only ESPN-HD. The difference is huge. For those folk who say there is no difference between SD and HD, they should flick between ESPN and ESPN-HD......god almighty!! Sorry off-topic Secondly, am I the only one who thinks Foxsports 1/2/3 are kind-of-crap? They are all mirror images of each other. If one of them was dedicated solely to US sports the balance would be way more enjoyable (at least to me). More NFL, more NBA. I truly believe that ONE-HD is better than any of the Foxsports channels (especially NFL wise). Foxsports refuses to show CBS NFL games (the AFC, better conference, better teams), they only show Fox-US NFL games (too limiting). If James Packer shuts down ONE-HD I will seriously throw a shoe at the TV. Sorry, off-topic again Yes, more ESPN channels please (especially HD). No, not likely in the short/medium term. Dennis.
  2. Did I miss something, I haven't seen any announcement. Jumping the gun? Hey, I want ESPN2 as well......actually I'd really want ESPN-HD2 to be honest (ESPN-HD >>>>> ESPN). Once you go HD you never go back (especially for sport). Dennis.
  3. I'm a bit late with the news. Conan will be on GEM it seems: http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2010/11/conan-guests.html So, we get Fallon on TCC, Conan on GEM and Letterman on Ten. Good enough for me, I've got IQ2 cable, so I can record any of the three. That's more like it. Dennis.
  4. Just read it on his Twitter feed: http://twitter.com/jimmyfallon Dec 7, Jimmy will be on again. Hopefully Conan will be on as well (fingers crossed). The Comedy Channel without any Late Night show is complete rubbish to me. Good to see the change. Dennis.
  5. So with the LG I can save SD & HD recordings to a PC (with the right setup)? That seems like a positive. It appears to not be possible (from the quick web trawling I've done) to record HD on the Panny, then burn to BD, then dump to PC. The UK forum says the Panny HD recordings are encrypted and can't be dumped on a PC (using something like TMPEnc Authoring Works). Can anyone dispute that? Dennis.
  6. Ok, Did you use HD content recorded on the Panasonic as the source for Authoring Works? Basically, do you burn a BD-RE (or BD-R) on the Panasonic, then load that content on a PC running Authoring Works? Is "yes", that would be really good news. A part of me still wonders whether HD copy-once protection kicks in somewhere. Dennis.
  7. Question, Can HD recordings burned to BD-RE be easily dumped onto a PC/NAS? I've used a Panasonic DVD-Recorder to burn to DVD-RAM then dumped those recordings to PC via TMPGEnc Authoring Works (formally DVD Author) quite simply (as MPG2 files) for many years. I'm now interested in doing the same for HD content. Can I follow the same procedures with these new recorders? Or, is HD dump to PC more tricky? How do people move their HD content out of these new recorders? Any knowledge would be appreciated, thanks, Dennis.
  8. No, I don't think the fix helped you (placebo effect). I too watched Lost last night and it was breakup free for me. Maybe, just maybe Foxtel may have fixed this issue in the last night or two? Noting that Lost the previous week was a disaster (as multiple people including me noted). Not last night. I've had two breakup free nights in a row. Maybe it's just luck. If I get multiple weeks of non FTA breakups then I'll consider this issue fixed. I'll be watching and noting. Dennis.
  9. Thanks Loon, it's reassuring to read others are in the same boat; no amount of unplugging/replugging cables will fix this. Let's hope "eventually" Foxtel clears this FTA retransmission glitch (i.e. fixes their FTA frequency changes from last year). Dennis.
  10. Last night was actually a good (non-breakup) night: Top Gear on Nine and Grey's Anatomy on Seven where breakup free. But the night before 30 Rock on Seven had 3 breakups in half an hour (grrrr). It's soo frustrating especially since the native Foxtel stations like Arena/Fox8/Comedy/ESPN are perfectly fine. Dennis.
  11. Yes, I've done that. It doesn't fix the issue........noting, I truly believe the issue is at Foxtel's end....they are stuffing up the FTA stations somehow. There's nothing wrong with my box as the Foxtel stations are fine. A Foxtel station or a FTA station should be indestinguishable by my Foxtel IQ2, yet it's only the FTA stations that breakup. Dennis.
  12. I'm on cable, not on sat. My signal strength is usually between -2 to +2 for all four tuners (1-3 bars) and my quality is at max 5 bars constantly. Hence, what will a service tech callout actually achieve? With FTA stations I get breakup about [1-3] times per hour (usually about 1-3 seconds goes missing)......but some days I have no issue (this is rare) and other days I have more (again this is rare). What would I show the tech? A random breakup on an IQ2 recording? Rememeber, it's only the FTA stations effected......since it's only the FTA stations how can the fault be at my end (cable/box/etc)? I think a service tech would be useless. If the problem is at my end then why are the Foxtel stations uneffected? It has ALL the hallmarks of a retransmit problem at Foxtel (unless I am missing something obvious). I believe the following post to be nearer to the truth: http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtop...p;#entry1437010 Again I think Foxtel are at fault. A service tech call will achieve nothing IMO. Dennis.
  13. Just to answer my question, over the past few months I've done the unscrew/rescrew thing a few times due to recabling my home theater. It does NOT fix the channel 2/7/9/10/SBS breakup issues. Why would it? It's Foxtel who have stuffed up the retransmission of the FTA stations (at least on cable). Foxtel have to fix this issue at their end. Dennis
  14. Why would unscrewing/rescrewing the cable make any difference? It's ONLY the free-to-air stations that are breaking up; the Foxtel stations are mostly fine (except for the odd overseas dodgy satellite feed glitch every now and again). I too have this frequent free-to-air breakup issue, and it's a huge pain in the a**** Foxtel have f***ed something up at their end when they grab the free-to-air signal and retransmit. Too many customers are having this issue; it's not a cable problem at the customer site.....it's a FOXTEL BUG!!!! WAKEUP FOXTEL AND FIX THIS ISSUE YOU CLOWNS!!!!!!! Watching Lost was painful; channel 9 breaks up and skips forward all the time. It's crap and has been crap since last year. Dennis.
  15. But they are leaving the weekend editions alone.....so it's not a complete disaster; the weekend 6pm editions of Sportscenter have always been the versions I've watched the most. Don't get me wrong, I hate the change, and I want a reversal. But, it's not as bad as it could have been. Dennis.
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