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  1. Badaboom. Thanks - I do tend to hold on to things for a loooong time...
  2. Further information: Bought these brand new from Eastwood Hifi back in the day. My first ‘real’ speakers (along with Cambridge Audio gear). They have been well looked after all these years - used nearly every day (at sane dB levels). Originally they were my 2.0 home system, then 3.1, then became the surrounds (on stands) then to the office where they became my daily near-fields (still fed by the CA cd player and amp). I’ve recently been carried away upgrading the office setup, and replaced these with Elac’s Debut Reference (they’re a lot bigger). Was never left wanting with the Atoms - they’ve always sounded great to me - it’s just that damn upgrade bug that bit real good. I have looked at all sorts of excuses to keep these, but I’ve nowhere left to use them (is laundry hi-fi a thing??). So it’s a little reluctantly I’m selling them… They are in near-mint condition - cabinets & drivers are as new. One corner of one of the grills has worn fabric though - have taken a pic of that. They have been on the supplied half-round rubber feet their whole life. I don’t have the original boxes, but can package up very well and post within Australia. Postage/courier seems to be in the $40-50 region. Or you can pick them up on your nice drive up the Blue Mountains... Stereophile review “The Paradigm Atom Monitor v.5 is one heck of a loudspeaker.“ Photos:
  3. Further information: I bought this from my audio-enthusiast neighbour a few months ago, replacing my CA 540C. What a difference that made! I have been using it as a up sampling DAC for my Yamaha D500 digital radio and as a CD player every day. Sounds really good - a whole new sonic level for me. I’m only selling this one as it’s silver - and I could not find a matching silver amp (840A) (Hey, I’m looking at these things all day, 5 days a week…) I was able to find a black 840A, so then I bought another black 840C to match - and that’s what I’m using now. So now I have this silver 840C to sell. It’s in pretty good condition - it does have signs of cosmetic wear and tear. I have tried to capture those in the photos. The front panel is great, but the edges do have plenty of little nicks (can’t see any blemishes from 1 meter away). The top panel has a surface-level scratch. Have a good look at the photos to get a good idea of the condition. The remote has a few dings too, and I have tried to capture where there is a little flex in its top metal-plate. It’s works perfectly though, I was using Toslink from the DAB and balanced XLR to the amp. This would still be mine if I could settle for mixed-coloured gear! What you get: 840C Remote Power cord Online Manual I don’t have the original box, but can package up very well and post within Australia. Postage/courier seems to be in the $30-50 region If you want a nice drive up the Blue Mountains - you can pick it up on the way Photos:
  4. Further information: Bought this receiver brand new from Eastwood Hifi back in the day. I needed a slimline receiver to fit a media cabinet. It ran that 5.1 setup for a few years before spending the rest of it’s time as a 2-channel amp here in the office. It’s been powering Paradigm Atoms its whole life - plenty of juice for my needs (80 Watts @ 8Ohms). It’s been a great unit, never a miss-step, glitch or hiccup. It’s now ready to move on after an office hi-fi upgrade (again all CA gear). The manual (included) covers all the input setups, speaker levels, subwoofer management etc. Check out the back panel for all the Digital and Analogue ins & outs. Condition is great - the only real signs of wear & tear is the edge of the volume knob where some of the black coating has worn. What you get: 340R Remote (top condition, never really used) Radio Antenna Printed Manual Check out the online manual for the breakdown: Azur 340R User Manual - English I don’t have the original box, but can package up very well and post within Australia. Postage/courier seems to be in the $30-50 region If you want a nice drive up the Blue Mountains, you can pick it up on the way Photos:
  5. Further information: Bought this brand new from Eastwood Hifi back in the day. My first ‘real’ cd player. It’s been faultless for all those years - used nearly everyday - first in the main system then in the office here. I recently replaced the tray belt (took 5 minutes) and that’s the extent of its service history The new belt makes for the smooth open/close I’ve been used to. It was that step that got me looking at upgrading the office hi-fi setup (what a snowball that became). Have since replaced with the 840C (well two of them, one of those is for sale too). I’ve been really happy with my CA gear in this room. The player has a digital out as well - if you just need a transport (probably what I should have done!) What you get: 540C Remote Power cable Printed Manual I don’t have the original box, but can package up very well and post within Australia. Postage/courier seems to be in the $30-50 region. If you want to come up the Blue Mountains on a nice drive - you can pick it up on the way through :) Photos:
  6. Item: Paradigm Studio v5: 10s or 20s Price Range: $700 - $850 Item Condition: Used, well looked after Extra Info: Hi All, Help me complete my office upgrade - I'm after a set of Paradigm Studio 10s or 20s (v5 only). These would preferably be the wood veneer versions in great condition. I'm happy to pay up to $850 for the right pair of 20s (slightly less for 10s) - can pick up from Sydney (or just outside) and happy to pay for postage. They seem to pop up here every now and again – thought I might try to get ahead of it...
  7. Thanks Neo - have Pm'd them - still keen on that allusive 840a
  8. Hi Roman, thanks for that - will add it to the list. I'm still holding out for a 740a or hopefullly 840a...
  9. Item: Integrated Amp, Silver Price Range: $600 - 700 Item Condition: Used but well looked after Extra Info: Hi all, I've just upgraded to a silver Azur 840C here in the office, and I would like a matching 840A in silver or black. What are my chances?? For alternatives, I reckon the hierarchy goes like this: 1) 840A 2) Another Azur range amp (6XX & up) 4) Something else in silver that's in good shape. Thanks! I'm in NSW, just outside Sydney, and am happy to pay for post for the right amp.
  10. Hi Roman, thanks for the reply - I'll admit a lot of that goes over my head I just plug the stuff in! My heart is pretty set on the DacMagic Plus - but best of luck with the sale!
  11. Item: Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus Price Range: ~$300 Item Condition: Used, but well cared for. Extra Info: Hey all, I'm after a DacMagic Plus in excellent condition, either colour. With original accessories and packaging a real nice-to-have. I'm in NSW, happy to pay postage. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  12. Hi Dham, Thanks for the station shots & measurements... what's the "AL Guide" you mentioned? Anamorphic Lens Guide? have a link for that? It looks like a pretty tidy setup on the ceiling there... sold! (good looking stage too - in fact it's all good - lots to be inspired by.)
  13. Looking great Dham - i'm looking forward to seeing this one 'finished'... Any chance we can get a pic of the projector and station in situ? I'm interested in your projector & screen setup as it's very close to my intended ht. (ie jvc 550, mkIII, 120", station, dedicated room) Would really love to know: distance of projector from screen distance of projector from ceiling (and what you want the new height to be) Just so i can get a reference in relation to your pin-cushion and keystone experiences. Are you liking the look of the images / experience (apart from what's been described)? Thanks a bundle.
  14. Hey Minty, We are planning our new place, and ht dimensions will be very close to yours: "It's a dedicated room, 5.8m x 4.2m with 2 rows of seating. Walls are double plastered and windows double glazed with thick curtains in front (100% light control)." Quick question re sound: Do you get the impression the walls & window do a good job of keeping the noise in? Are you using sound-proof insulation as well? Thanks, and it's good to see a similar theater space work so well - as we too will go scope & lounges
  15. oh yeah - definitely relocate that room 3 door forgot about that. I am a big fan of recommended numbers and sizes (surely there is some truth to them?) - so try to go with those re screen size i reckon... a 120" screen will give you 1184mm viewable height (or there abouts & i presume we run with the viewable dimension) – which is pretty close to your recommended number.
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