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  1. Item: Cube speaker stands (generic) Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking to offload a pair of generic cube speaker stands. They were holding a pair of Bose cubes (don't judge), and there's a hole at the top for the cabling to be run down, and then out the bottom and under the stand. Height can be adjusted. The bracket on one snapped (an over-enthusastic 2 year old). I've glued it back together and it held, but would probably snap again if bumped. Collect from Lindfield, Sydney. If no interest they'll be put in the bin.
  2. Thanks for the background - interesting. Dad reckons they were acquired from a specialist retailer (maybe that retailer had acquired some old stock when Brash's went under?). Based on the fact that the provenance of the speakers is a bit, ahem, ropey, I am open to any offers for the speakers. Any offers...
  3. Further information: Selling these on behalf of my father, who has upgraded. I thought they were working, but ran a test on them and I think the woofer has gone on one of the speakers. I've never heard of the brand (an internet search only brings up another StereoNet ad), but Dad reckons they were bought from a reputable dealer (ie, not from a man in white van). They are at least a decade old. The cabinets show signs of their age, but otherwise are pretty solid. Suit someone who is handy enough to try and fix them, or wants to just keep the cabinets. I can hook them up to a stereo to audition - but if you want to take a chance on them I can leave them at the front door for collection. Thanks for looking. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Hi Long time lurker and a member since 2015 - since that seems to have been in the days when you could join and post on the classifieds immediately without introducing yourself, I never got around to it. So it is time to remedy that. Interested mainly in stereo, but also like watching movies and so home theatre is also something I am keen on. Current set up is: Stereo: Cambridge Audio Azur 640 Series Integrated Amplifier and CD player (and there was a classic iPod in a dock until some thieving so and so's broke in last year and took the iPod), paired with Monitor Audio RS6s. Pretty satisfied with this, but the speaker placement could be improved. It's in a tough room - open plan with lots of glass. Home Theatre: NAD T751 Amplifier and Pioneer BDP-150 (and sometimes a PS4 - almost nothing better for streaming in my view), paired with Bose Acoustimass 10s (circa 2005) and a Sony 55in Bravia (circa 2014). Have outgrown the Bose speakers, but getting some resistance for the Head of Domestic Treasury (and Interior (Design)) to replacing them with something that sounds better. And after almost 20 years of faithful service (with a couple of tune ups during that time) the NAD is starting to randomly drop out, so it might be time for a general overhaul of the whole set up. Also have a couple Sonos speakers around the house for background noise/outside listening. In my view they sound pretty good, but also have to be the easiest wifi speakers to set up and run. Unfortunately most of my listening is done on public transport using an iPhone and the rubbish earbuds supplied by Apple. I have stopped buying separates as I keep losing them. In terms of music tastes, it's a pretty broad range, though mainly film scores, opera and pop/rock.
  5. I am having trouble uploading a photo, but here is a link to Sony's asia website with images of it: http://www.sony-asia.com/product/klv-40v200a The frame is about 2 inches, and the speakers sit at the bottom of the front, which adds another 4 inches or so. If I can get around my self-inflicted IT issues I will try and post a photo.
  6. Sorry for the delay in replying - it should fit. It is about 100cm long, 75cm high and the stand is about 30 cm deep. I assume the stand comes off - I've never had to check.
  7. Hi - anyone interested in the above - 40in LCD 1080i? Bought new in Singapore 8 years ago. Only one HDMI connection. No digital tuner - so I can throw in a Jaycar HD tuner. Remote still works. TV is in good nick, and the picture is pretty good. But probably best suited for a second television in the (well ventilated - those things ran rather warm) spare room connected to a PS3 or Foxtel. Hardly ever used, and the wife says it has to go. Collect from Lindfield (North Shore, NSW). I'd rather it didn't go to the tip, so best offer will get it. I can post photos if people needed them. Cheers. Liam
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