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  1. Generally all '2D' media players will play a (half) side-by-side 3D image, however, you generally get a loss of quailty as AlanH has stated and the resulting resolution will be less than 1920x1080p. A 3D Blu-ray disc from a 3D Blu-ray player will have no loss of resolution and be in 1920x1080p. It also perserves the HD sound. That is generally the difference. You can get full HD side-by-side 3D, but the resolution is 3840x1080, and currently not very common and not supported by *most* current media players. This where next gen "3D Media Players" might come in handy.
  2. You don't exactly say when you do see it. It may be overscan, it may be image retention or something else. Can you see it when you watch a DVD, Blu-ray or play a PS3 game? If so probably a matter for the Tech to sort out for you on Friday.
  3. How similar is the BTT755 to the BTT775, anyone know? They look like the same unit but for different markets. The BTT775 seems to be getting constant firmware upgrades; http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/bd/index.html None for the BTT755 though.
  4. Did not notice this artifacting much, if at all in the past. However, after watching Tron Legacy in 1080p last night, with lots of bright whites/white-blues next to deep blacks (the good guys suits/bikes/etc...) in high movement scenes, it was noticable and boardering on distracting. It may of been my source material of course, but I doubt it. I did have playback stuck on 60Hz though.
  5. What does the PS3 say it's doing under sound settings? I only get stereo options if I leave it on Auto. Manual multi-channel settings in the PS3 give me only left and right speakers. I'm now using the optical port, which I would rather like to free up. Tip: For MKVs over 4GB in size; try usuing a USB flash drive formatted with exFAT. The Bt755 has played 1080p content up to 13GB in size for me.
  6. So have you got this to work yet? In my experience it only does stereo, unless it is from the TV tuner on the rare occasion free-to-air plays something in 5.1 surround.
  7. Mine lasted almost two months before developing a faulty line on the screen. It then took Pana and their contractors two months to tell me it was unfixable and to get me a replace set under warranty, unbelivable. For a while they had the TV longer than I had had it for. My V seires from last year (2009) hasn't skipped a beat, however.
  8. I just can't get my PS3 80GB to send multichannel (5.1) sound via ARC to the bt755. Front two speakers only with Blu-ray, file and game playback; missing centre, rears and sub. Using HDMI 1 with the PS3. And have tried all the PS3 sound settings. ARC works well with TV DD 5.1 broadcasts. (the only other way I have used it) Been hoping a firmware update might fix it, but no news of such a thing online. The ARC is pretty essential on this unit due to the lack of inputs on the back but, unfortunately, it is very hit and miss.
  9. I've given up trying to get multi-channels over ARC with my PS3, Im using an optical cable now and forgone the HD sound. Sounds like from what people have said though it is possible to transport 5.1 over ARC?
  10. Could someone please confirm if the ARC is stereo only or if it does multi-channel audio as well. I can only get stereo. Thanks,
  11. It includes an inbuilt Blu-ray player. I already have mine via redemption.
  12. Has anyone been able to get anything more than basic stereo out of the HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) when using a PS3? I'm using a 80GB PS3 >>>HDMI1 and HT (Avatar Promo one) >>>HDMI2 (ARC) When mannually slecting any multichannel sound from the PS3 sound setup I only get the front 2 speakers. Auto dec only offers stereo, mostly like as it only detects the TV. Thanks in advance if you can help with this!
  13. Cheers bern! Wonder if Samsung will offer something similar?
  14. Is there going to be an 3D Avatar promotion or are they just extending the one they have now?
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