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  1. My understanding of 100hz is also that it adds extra frames per second. So if both a plasma and lcd have 100hz tecnology (assuming both work correctly) shouldn't viewing sports be similar. Why do salesman say plasma is better for sport?
  2. Just a query. As I understand it, 100hz technology is suppose to fix or improve fast motion on lcd displays. Why do plasma panels now come with 100hz if they did not have the problem to start with? Is this much of an issue these days with the new lcd screens?
  3. Do these things have a HD tuner. It is hard to find this out from the promotional material. I understand that in Europe the D on the end of the model number stands for "digital" tuner and a H stands for "High Definition" tuner. Only the D model has arived in Australia I think?
  4. Finally. I wonder when the series 8 & 9 will come out?
  5. Looking at buying the Samsung LA46A650. Is it worth waiting for the new 750 model with ethernet or is it just as easy hooking the 650 up to a laptop?
  6. Where did you see the new philips? I am keen to see one.
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