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  1. Have Paramount changed to locking their titles to region A.According to all the info sites on regions Hercules is locked to region A
  2. Does anyone know if the Aus release contains the extended cut like the US and UK
  3. Scream trilogy 31 pounds at Amazon UK (after vat removal)
  4. According to blurayregioncodes.com it's region locked. Which is right?
  5. When Amazon say Two disc bluray/dvd combo+digital copy is the dvd and digital copy on one disc and the blu ray on another or is the dvd on the flipside of the bluray and the digital disc on another.? I want to order The other guys and The town so i can give the dvd's to family members
  6. and me .Received one parcel today that was sent on the 2nd Nov but still no sign of Alien Anthology posted on the 24th Oct
  7. Amazon UK have it for 4.99 pounds sterling less vat (4.25)
  8. Flash Gordon is in Ezy Dvd's 2 for $20 sale
  9. Don't turn the movie off at the end,watch a couple of minutes of the credits for a little bit more
  10. Anyone know if it is out.I've looked everywhere but no sign of it
  11. According to Amazon the dvd is 2.35:1 whilst the bluray is 1.77:1.Anyone know if this is correct
  12. Anyone know if trick 'r treat is region free ?
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