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  1. Hurrah If you never had one before you will be amazed at the packaging.
  2. Yeah sounds like it Thats why I wanted to post the info You can imagine when I placed my order and READ this topic I felt SICK to my stomach But all good.. So dont give up eh
  3. I organised a OPPO 93 Player with Amazon US Ordered Sunday Night April 5th and Received Friday Morning less than a week, That was $499 plus $36 I also ordered the Mod Chip from http://www.bluraychip.dk/product.php?id_product=15 I paid the $89.00 on the 3rd of April , Noticed the NEW pricing a couple of days latter, emailed them and was advised my order was shipping and it was the PRO version. Arrived Today 20th April and it is the PRO Version I pulled out the player , Fitted the MOD (VERY EASY ITS AS IF OPPO BUILT IT AND PULLED IT OUT CAUSE ITS A PERFECT FIT) Turned it on and put in a R
  4. I tested it with "A bugs life DTS MKV" Played fine
  5. The site was down today (http://www.bluraychip.dk/) They updated the site and added more options I ordered a chip for a friend and I asked about the order today They said they were sending the PRO version He wil be happy Cheers
  6. Yeah the pic is big Ill resize it (DONE) Blame the mods they let me have 7 meg goddam it Yeah the screen is to the left as are my couches, the wall facing the TV is SHORTER as theres a hallway on the right Facing the TV The major reason for the centre speaker position is I felt it more important to have the Seperation in the speakers and keep them evenly spaced, I believe 1.5 MTRS is minimum space to produce serperation, The dialogue is definetley not coming from the right, you do not notice it I promise, especially as the speakers are the same, and well seperated. The Coffee table doesn'
  7. Hi Guys Very basic setup As you can see I struggle to keep the wireing tidy due to GLASS SHELVES ARGH 50 Inch Plasma Yamaha RX V3900 AMP Panasonic BLURAY Toshiba HD DVD EP10 JVC DVHS PLAYER (YES ITS TRUE) Xbox 360 Kinect HP LAPTOP (media centre and media browser) BW Speakers Small Room but sat very tidy in small space, Looks like I have to move it DOH.. Anyway Thoughts ID share my simple setup
  8. What do you use the HDMI ARC for ? IS it a passthru for AMPS that dont have 3D support?
  9. Hi guys Bought this HD DVD ROM from ebay a while back for my MEDIA centre Never got to use it as I never got it to work INSIDE MCE only with a third party program Any way , no longer have the Media centre and Have Pulled out this HD DVD ROM, I did test it before I pulled it out, works fine Built december 2007 Its TOSHIBA HD DVD Rom IDE interface BLack Face $60 Plus $15 shipping cheers Wollongong PS if no takers after a week it goes on ebay Cheers
  10. HI guys Got My Panasonic Modded to play all zones @ gattiweb Decided to Make room on my Shelf So my USA samsung BDP-1400 Is for sale ITs latest update, worked well for me , but to be honest only played bout 10 movies on it max as the Dollar crapped out I did not import as much. Now the dollar is strong, it might be of interest to some one else. Its region A for BD and region 1 For DVD's (unsure if it can be mulitizoned for dvds) For sale $100.00 It requires a STEP DOWN CONVERTER that I am NOT including I have one for sale as well , that will be $50 , They sell for $100 at Jaycar and a
  11. Samsung released new firmware yesterday for the BD-P1400 Both Australian and US sites have it for those who are intersted Firmware is now 2.1 The link is TOO LONG to post So try http://www.samsung.com/au/ then in the Search tab type bd-p1400 and the Firmware will be listed Good luck PS THe initial link suggestsits DECEMBERS update, but once you click on the file you see the Build is 23-9-2009
  12. I found that its better to have the doctors cut the fingers off just after they are born. It very easy to do , they are crying anyway and you'll only have to slip the doctor a $20.00 note (Ok I went over the line, I apoligize before hand)
  13. Thanks guys will ask joyce mayne if they will reprint. Its a very odd request, I think Panasonic need to rethink there PROMOTIONS, it seems to be poorly executed. Anyway LOVE MY TV whoa
  14. There's a lot of 42pz80a's (saw 10 on floor) at joyce Mayne Warrawong if you cant get any in sydney I got a 50 from there but did not ask how many more they had QUESTION ABLOUT the REDEMPTION It states that you are to include your ORIGINAL RECEIPT ????? with your claim form Did anyone do that or just give them a COPY ???
  15. Keeping MY EP-10 Sold me EX-1 Will sell some HD TITLES that I will probably never watch on eBay However;Keeping my Favorites Like Bladerunner and Matrix and TOP GUN Etc etc Do not intend to buy much Blu-ray Find my Local video is buying A list titles and some back catalogue So I will start renting on Sat Sun for a movie night and buy the TOP titles as they come out from time to time as a treat Just set up My NEW 50inch Full HD Panasonic Plasma and RESURECTED my JVC DVHS and pulled out all my HI DEF TAPES (still wrapped in Plastic LOL) http://support.jvc.com/consumer/product.js...mp;ar
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