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  1. How about a music BD disk to demo the hi-def sound and PQ. I have to say that Shakira's Oral Fixation was absolutely amazing, but somone else cruelly suggested it was for 16 yro girls.
  2. It just goes to show how opinions vary. I have to say that Cloverfield IMHO was the worst movie I've ever seen. Had I not spent money renting it I probably wouldn't have minded. Why anyone would want to see something that appeared to be filmed using a cell phone on BD is completely beyond my limited comprehension.
  3. Hey Mate, what do you think of me ? They pay me and I'm not cheap.
  4. Thanks Nang3. I've just discovered this place too. Have you compared your Concept 8's to the Ikon 7's (SQ) ? The latter is supposedly better but its hard to believe such small cones can produce good SQ. In the Melville JB I couldn't really hear the Ikon 7's properly - they were set up in the middle of their showroom - too much ambient noise.
  5. Why dont you try and listen to both and compare tech specs and prices. Its really just up to the individual. I personally think the Onkyos are great, especially for the price, and the Yammys are really crap. Everyone unto his own.
  6. Where did you manage to get such a good price. I'm still searching for these places!
  7. Thanks; could have been be interesting wre it not for "pick up only".
  8. The cut out the bit where his balls broke open.
  9. Thanks Koaz, these prices are credible at least. Can you tell me if the centre speaker is compatible with the fronts. I noticed the centre is 8 Ohms whereas the fronts are 6 Ohms, does this matter ?
  10. Are you sure those prices are right ? I've looked around briefly and only seen the Ikon 6. $2500 - $3000 - too much for me. Where did you get a price like that?
  11. Thanks for your succinct description ajm. With my existing setup I'm already struggling to cope with the mass of spaghetti trailing all over my living room floor; this sounds like an absolute nightmare. If my exsisting AVR (Onkyo 805) outputs sufficient power to drive my speakers, as is the case, is there an edvanatge to be gained by having a power amp inserted? Wouldn't having an extra black box in the overall setup introduce some loss of audio quality?
  12. Has anyone tried these out yet and how do you rate them. What's the best price available and from where ?
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