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  1. For anyone interested, my TV is now on EBAY - starting price $400. I have lost the extended warranty info... so this is not offered on the listing. Cheers
  2. Update - there are about 15 3d movies / trailers now available thru caspa inc: Toy Story 3 3d preview Nuhrburg ring preview Great to show off your new 3d TV, if like me you are still waiting for your Samsung 3d bluray player.
  3. Hi all, Just purchased a Samsung C7000 50" plasma with the free 3d bluray offer and looking to add some decent sound to the mix. After many nights and hours of research on here and Whirlpool I have come up with the following ideas: I am unsure whether to simply start with the receiver and a 2.1 setup and then build from there or get the whole kit. I guess the benefits of starting with 2.1 is that I can get some good gear for the current budget - then as funds become available continue from there. Receiver: Yamaha RX - V367 / 357 / 667 Pioneer VSX 1020 Denon ?? Onkyo ?? Speakers: Def
  4. Yeah I'm in a similar boat with a Philips 1080i 42PF9631D/79 which is a great TV. It is 3 years old, 100% working and still under extended warranty (i think)!! http://images.philips.com/is/image/Philips...;jpglarge$ Upgraded to a Samsung 50" 3d, and missus won't let me keep the Philips. Couldn't bear to put it on ebay and get $500 for it so will probably offer around to friends. Is there a classifieds area on DTV?? I had a quick look around and couldn't find anything?? Where is the best place to sell tvs??
  5. YES, initially I didn't get the starter kit!! only got 1 pair of 3d glasses in the box. Called JB today got the starter kit with 2 additional glasses and the movie, will then get the bluray player and 2 more glasses via redemption!! So in fact it will be: TV Bluray player 5 x glasses!! 1 movie. Even better!!
  6. Just bought this TV tonight from JB HIFI and completed the online registration for the free 3D bluray player, glasses and movies 5 minutes before the cutoff!!! The guy at the store mentioned that he thought that the promotion had been extended for another month?? So for $1613 I got: Sammy 50" Full HD 3D Plasma plus by redemption: Sammy 3d Bluray player 3 pairs (total) of 3d glasses 2 bluray movies Absolutely staggered by the value of this deal.
  7. Thanks Peter, Did as suggested and worked well, BUT..... next problem is that I cannot transfer files back to my TiVo from my PC. My plan is to transfer across .tivo recordings to the PC to increase the effective storage that I have on the TiVo and then when I want to watch the recordings stored on my PC, just to transfer back... I also cannot access my music, pics, etc. My PC shows up on my TiVo in the 'Now Playing' section and also the 'Music,Photos and Showcases' section, but it either opens with no listings, or comes up with a message saying this may be a temporary network condition o
  8. NOOB Question... I have recently purchased Tivo with HNP and all is working well. I have done as many have suggested and got VideoRedo to convert files to MPEG. What DVD authoring / publishing software is everyone using. I have Windows Movie Maker which uses Windows DVD Maker and it take 5-6 hours to publish. spends so long "ENCODING"?? I am wondering whether I should get the VideoRedo TV suite update to get the DVD burning feature, or whether there is a freeware alternative that will burn discs quicker. Any advise / tips would be appreciated. Thanks Muzzler.
  9. Oldish thread I know, but I too have this tv and am currently deciding whether ps3 is overkill for my Philips 1080i, and whether I might be better served getting a upscaling DVD player, and wait until I get a 1080p tv before I get a ps3. Sorry to hijack thread, but I can't seem to post a new topic?? Search has not helped for this topic... Would appreciate anyones thoughts / recommendations either way... Cheers
  10. May not be of interest for most, but today just purchased LG 26lc7d for $900. Bought with an LG fridge, which was already on special and they couldn't do any better on the fridge, so $900 achievable solo. Not bad for spare room TV. Also considered an offer on 32lc7d for $1200. Great little set for the bucks.
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