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  1. I believe you ...............even if no-one else does 🤣
  2. Yes me too, I am not a massive Stones fan - but I like the work when Brian Jones was in the band. He brought interesting unique sounds to the music - "She's a Rainbow" my fav Stones song - the first time I heard that (2 years ago on an original Decca pressing) I was totally blown away.
  3. or @Full Range could replace it with one of these and say it shrunk due to lack of watering?
  4. Prince Purple Rain US 1984 Original Pressing 💜🎶
  5. Thank you, I shall try Rutherglen next time, the Buller is "OK" but not as thick or rich as I like them. I brought some Muscat a few years ago at an event and cannot remember what it was - so now hunting. But this was still lovely & even nicer with some dark chocolate and good music 🎶
  6. Having a quiet tipple - trying out a Muscat tonight along with Pink Floyd DSOTM original UK master (Flac from my Hard Drive via the Lindemann Limetree).
  7. I don't know, not going to argue with all you experts as you guys know more than I do. In my Lindemann Limetree Bridge manual when I installed it, it was recommended to use the Coaxial if you wanted the max. resolution 192 kHz, 24 bit. It says for Optical the resolution 96 kHz, 24 bit. Anyway, have the Coaxial on mine and it does indeed support the 192 kHZ, 24 Bit. I can verify that. (The Coaxial I am using is one of Bills).
  8. A quick google tells me this (if it helps?) - bold parts are not done by me.....*just saying* 🙃 compared to optical, a coaxial connection does tend to sound better. That's because it has greater bandwidth available, meaning it can support higher quality audio up to 24-bit/192kHz. Optical is usually restricted to 96kHz
  9. Nah - definitely does mine - when I buy a 45rpm and it is expensive and it has pops and clicks through it, totally affects my mood for the day because it is so disappointing. 😭
  10. I use the Blake Outer-Sleeves from Dutch Vinyl - they have two sizes. They are beautiful and make the LPs look fantastic. Discrepency Records also have extra large ones.
  11. That makes sense if you have specific purposes for the systems...............and likely more space than me too 😊
  12. I am glad to have only one system which I can focus on - had considered a second one but then decided to put the money in the main one instead.
  13. Reading this you sound like I did when I was wanting to get in to "Vinyl" (LPs) just over 2 years ago. My journey was that I wanted to test the waters to see if I liked the sound first as opposed to Digital (as CDs is what I grew up with). You have not mentioned if you have heard Vinyl before? I wanted to test it out but did not want to outlay too much in case I actually did not like it. I purchased an Audio Technica LP120 as my first turntable - to "test the waters". Picked it up from JB Hifi at 20% off (Black Friday sales coming up btw). A member from here kindly set it up properly & to be honest - it was pretty decent to test the waters and I knew pretty quickly I loved the sound of LPs. I kept that table for about 3 months and brought some vinyl whilst getting familiar the Turntable and all that entails with handling records and the table itself. It really was a great beginner table. After about 3-4 months I decided I was committed to the LP Experience and saved up to buy a Technics 1200GR and a good cartridge etc. The Audio Technica I was able to sell on Gumtree to another person that wanted to test the waters and pretty much got my money back. But my point is .........as I was not totally sure what to expect from Vinyl to start with it was a great way to test it out and then decide if I was committed, if I decided I rather stick with CDs then it was not too much $ to lose. Records are not cheap now - they are a big commitment, as it is not just buying the records it is buying the anti-stat sleeves and outer-sleeves and then storing them - they take up space. It is really a big commitment that goes far beyond the Turntable itself. But it is very rewarding if you do fall in love with it. I decided to "dip my toe" in the water before diving right in - because I did not know anyone that had Turntables - but for you it might be different. Anyway, just my experience & what I did 🙂
  14. Wow I am following this thread as it is interesting and I admit that it is way above my head as a relative "newbie" but I do not feel I want a science degree to listen to my music, I just need my ears 😊 In my journey so far I have been helped along the way by so many of you here, both in my home and via SNA, and the suggestions have made impressive differences to my system. Why have they made the difference? I could not tell you as I have no way to do the "measurements" nor would I know how to interpret them even if I could - but I know what my ears tell me & I know it pretty quickly, as I think I am pretty "intune" (sorry for the pun) with my system. They have been things like changing a cable or adding Bunnings pads under my equipment - let alone the upgrading of Equipment itself - so yes every component does make a difference - I know I either like it or I do not, my ears are the best measuring device I have 🎶 I liken it to a meal out - I can have the most amazing meal but I do not need to know every ingredient in it, or how it reacts with the other ingredients to know it tastes good. Why do chefs experiment with food some much? They get creative and add things that are not in recipes - they know by their taste buds (senses) whether it works not, even if technically it shouldn't on paper. Or, I can appreciate a painting but I do not need to know the brand of paints or brushes they used, or the "brand " of the canvas they painted on - I can admire it's overall beauty without knowing those facts - my eyes tell me it is beautiful. My music is the same - I don't want it to become so clinical that I focus on "measurements" and not the overall beauty of the music that my system is delivering to me, it either sounds good or it does not. No graph would make me change my mind, if my ears are saying it sounds good and my foot is tapping on the floor, that to me is the best measurement that things are " Hunky- Dory" in April Snows Music Land 😍🎶
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