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  1. After 2 weeks, I finally got my 4th replacement (long story!) and the issue sorted. JB Macquaire were great to deal with. They really tried their best, even for things that are not entirely their fault. I'll happily buy from them again. Panasonic on the other hand, were not very helpful at all. Their 'in charge' person was very rude and really needs to learn a thing or two about customer service.
  2. 2 months to fix! Did you ask for any compensation? It probably would have cost them a lot of money too trying to fix it. Was it through AWA?
  3. Any idea on the vt30 pricing compared with the vt20? As they are not making a 50 inch vt anymore, I wonder if the 55 inch vt30 will be similar in pricing to the 50vt20 or the 54vt20.
  4. My 50" VT20A just died! Had it for less than a week. Red light flashes for 10 times and won't turn on. Panasonic said something's broke inside. But both Panasnoic and JB dont' have any more stock so I'm not sure what they will do. I think they will try fixing it.
  5. I plugged in the LAN cable and updated to 3.602 and it now has 3D options for USB playback. Thanks guys for your help.
  6. Oh that's very interesting! What version is your firmware? Mine shows 3.401 and when I try to update, it says it is up to date. I'm going through Menu > Setup > Systems Menu > System Update. I haven't connected the TV through the net and I assume its searching an update through digital tv
  7. I tried AVI file through USB. It plays, but there are no options to turn on 3D. It looks like 3D is only supported through HDMI? Are there cables that allow me to connect a computer/laptop through HDMI to the TV?
  8. I just got this TV yesterday. I don't have a blueray player yet, but want to try out the 3D capabilities. I found a few websites with free 3d content, but I can't get them to work. Seems the playback support of the panasonic is very limited. Free 3D content for download here: http://www.biohemmet.se/3dtrailers.php http://3dguy.tv/downloads/ http://3dvision-blog.com Questions: 1. 3D playback through USB. Has anyone tried this? What file format works? The TV doesn't recognise the files I've tried. .mkv, .mp4, .wmv 2. 3D playback through a laptop. Anyone got this to work? I've connected
  9. I've had my 50" 700A for over a month now and there is no buzz at all. In fact I left it on the other day on a blank screen for a couple of hours without realising it. With CRTs I could always hear the buzz if the TV was on. Mine is made in china btw. I've noticed that the unit doesn't produce the blackest blacks. Even with brightness switched down, it doesn't go all the way black. It seemed the Sony Bravia LCD had better blacks when I checked them out recently at the shops. Also, have noticed some image retension after playing games. Its noticeable on a black screen. But its nothing permana
  10. Got my 50" 70A last week. Its great! Thanks for organising this Ice! Now, I'm just noticing that even if I turn the brightness level down to 0, the pixels are still not completely switched off on a black screen. There is still a bit of light in them. Is this normal?
  11. I'm getting my tv tomorrow. Can't wait! How are you guys running it in? I heard the first 100 hours are important.. What about connecting a laptop to it and running a screensaver or windows media player with those spectrum effects? Would that do any good?
  12. Hi Ice, Just came across this site. Please PM me the details of the group buy as am very interested. Thanks!
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