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  1. He was after the F81 not the M81. The F series are rather hard to find at the moment.
  2. Got my TV hooked up a a logitech 5.1 setup via the optical .. no problems at all. AFAIK there isnt anywhere in the TV to enable optical output.. its always on. I wouldnt suggest waisting your money on monster cables.. there isnt any difference in quality. See how the price is for the pureav (belkin) cable series. I picked up a 16FT HDMI->DVI cable for $100 thats about half price I believe. SO a 1m cable should be $50 or so.
  3. THe place i used hadnt heard of it either. I just told them to get the details from samsung and they did.
  4. Have you had a look on the samsung site and look thru the list of service centers in your area of brisbane? would jsut be a matter of finding one willing to come over and do it. They dont really need to know what they are doing as its idiot proof. plugin in a laptop.. run application .. choose fireware file.. click upload and wait. The guy that did mine hadnt done it before and seemed rather rookie but did it just fine.
  5. yes otherwise the movie would be stretched. It sounds like its displaying exactly as it should
  6. It would be the movie. Some movies arnt full 16:9 Does the PS3 interface fill the screen? what about gameS?
  7. Just scan, is basically mapping the input to the screen resolution. So no overscan. Feed it a 1080p input it will fix it pixel to pixel. If you getting black bars i would assume thats because your device is putting that out.
  8. They certainly can. You need the latest PS3 update for it to work with a PS3.. and if you want to use a PC with 24hz it WONT work if you have a Nvidia 8800 series card, it does work with a 7800 series card.
  9. You will need to plug it into one of the AV ports (the one on the side of the tv would be the most accessable for you. The video one goes into the yellow plug and the red and white audio ones go in the red and white plugs Then just choose AV1 or 2 depending on which one you plugged it into.
  10. Thats brilliant. Glad to see it worked out well for you Happy now, I take it
  11. Well thats good to hear. Thanks for clarifying. Will rmember that for next time. And will be able to recommend you in future
  12. hmmm interesting. I would however not suggest you buy from online stores. There is no real advantage, given now days you are able to get the same prices of not cheaper by going into HN or BL Seems the F8 isnt even listed on the samsung australia site.. wonder where they got it. Also that M81 price isnt all that crash how.. given samsungs retail price is 3100 now.. 2500 would be a good price for the M81. The other issue with the new F series is althought it may have all the technicall wizardry the picture it self may still be junk. So I would highly recommend going to see an M and a F so yo
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