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  1. Hey guys, I have no use for this TV any more. Let your kids ruin this instead of your new TV. The remote is not pictured but is obviously included (it's in great condition if you're wondering), and all original manuals if you like. $20.00 - Pick-up in Warranwood 3134
  2. This Bose system is let's call it "special"... So I went and purchased a ViewHD DAC which has these awesome features.. "The Digital to Analog Audio Decoder is used 24-bit audio DSP, 96KHz digital receivers, and 192KHz/24bit ADC , DAC. Support Dolby Digital AC-3 Dolby Pro Logic, DTS, PCM and other digital audio format source decode, and 2.0ch analog audio output". So only 2.0 output... and it does actually accept the above formats. When running an AAC sound test, the Bose is smart enough to correctly map Front Left, Centre, Front Right and LFE.. Rear Right and Left are unfortunately remapped
  3. To further the belief that I have a series one unit... I have only ever used dual RCA (red and white) from any device and still get 5.1. It seems yamapro might be correct in saying that it is matrixing pro logic from the two channel source. EDIT: Have just confirmed via the manual I have a Series I. So then, is there anything better than the FiiO D03K Taishan for doing Toslink > RCA?
  4. I find it hard to believe it is the Series II, only because it lacks the digital audio in cable which runs off the Audio Input Cable as mentioned above. I have checked the unit and there is no indication which series it is; I'll see if I can find the manual.
  5. Good question. The Bose Lifestyle 8 Series II manual mentions that "Video" is Coax Digital, and that the Audio Input Cable is comprised of four cables - one of them being a digital audio in. (Extremely weird set-up) However my fathers system doesn't have this cable so I can only assume it is the Series I. In the Series I manual, there is no mention of coax digital.
  6. So my father still won't upgrade from his Bose Lifestyle 8 5.1 system. It features only RCA inputs, no optical what-so-ever. What baffles me is that it can get 5.1 sound from the "Video" RCA.... how? I have tested this with a Pioneer DV355K and a Sony PS3. I have looked at few Toslink > RCA DAC's, namely the FiiO D03K Taishan. So I am wondering if this can take a 5.1 source, DAC it, and the Bose be able to play it back in 5.1?
  7. Have I made a big boo boo..? I went ahead and ordered the H/K AVR165, but I was just having a read of the manual and it lists the Max Consumption: 280W The H/K AVR147 has a Power Consumption figure of 540W maximum (5 channels driven). Have I assumed too much from the 165? EDIT: Not to worry.. 280w is the standby as listed by Al a few posts above. Specs are: Power Consumption (full power/idle)540W / 280W rated
  8. Hmm, well if the H/K AVR147 is rated @ 50 Watts x 2, two channels driven at full power at 8 ohms and measures 66.7 watts when all five channels are driven continuously into 8-ohm loads, then surely the H/K AVR165 that is rated @ 95W per channel, two channels driven @ 8 ohms would measure better...?
  9. If you were to separate... how much for the Rotel RMB-1075 5CH ?
  10. [quote name=' timestamp='1332986823' post='1792430]As examples your hk 355 has 790w max consumption. The yam 781 has 590w max consumption. whose power output claims are more believable? Firstly, where did you find the Max Consumption figures? Secondly, seeing as you say H/K and the like state a more accurate and realistic spec sheet, would you say the H/H AVR 165 is better than the Yamaha RX-V871? H/K AVR165 Multichannel Power (all channels driven): 95W per channel, two channels driven @ 8 ohms, 20Hz – 20kHz
  11. The KEF's apparently have a speaker sensitivity (db/w/m): 88 What range is considered "efficient"? That would help (me) immensely.
  12. In that review you posted they had their "lab tests" which showed: Five channels driven continuously into 8-ohm loads: 0.1% distortion at 60.5 watts 1% distortion at 73.3 watts Is this "enough" for the KEF's. Maybe an explanation of what the KEF's spec of "Power Handling: 100W" actually means might be helpful?
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