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  1. Thanks I suspected that might be the case, and thanks for the suggestion of the Epson. I have been doing some preliminary research and the JVC N7 gets a good wrap too (not cheap though!)
  2. Over the last few months my Panny AE8000 has developed a fault - it shows a vertical blue line on the left side of the screen. Sometimes it will disappear entirely, sometimes I will get 2 vertical lines that will then go back to 1 line. When I recently went on holidays for a couple of weeks, I came back and the projector did not show the vertical at all for a couple of days - maybe it needed a rest too! Does anyone know if this is repairable? I have replaced the bulb recently which didn't fix the issue. Also, it is not related to the HDMI cable as the vertical line shows even on system menus with the HDMI cable unplugged. I know this is an older projector but I am still happy with the picture otherwise.
  3. I have a 2007 Samsung 46" LCD tv (model LA46M81BD). Yes it's old, but it is going strong and I haven't felt the need to replace it. It has been sitting on it's stand for all of it's life, but I would now like to wall mount it. The manual makes a vague reference to an official Samsung wall mount kit that I can't find much info on the net. Looking at the back of the tv, it doesn't seem to have any fixing points for the regular vesa style wall mounts that are common today. So I am confused - can I still wall mount this tv?
  4. I am getting this too, having noticed it on "V". For me, it always happens directly after an ad break, lasting for about 20 seconds before fading away. I have heard other reports of this, and it appears to be a Brisbane issue.
  5. I tried the "Just Scan" trick, but as you mentioned, you sometimes get garbage at the edges of the screen when watching digital tv. Eventually I went back to 16:9 (to avoid the garbage), but maybe I'll try "Just Scan" again. The problem with the Movie Plus issue, is that sometimes you can't notice it, but at other times it is very distracting. Which is worse - occasional garbage, or occasional Movie Plus?
  6. Natively it won't play Divx/Xvid etc though I think you can do it with additional software like tversity. Why don't you just keep your old Xbox for playing those files?
  7. There's a 3.5mm stereo jack input related to the D-Sub VGA input - no optical in unfortunately. Instead, I connect the optical out from the Xbox 360 direct to my amp/receiver.
  8. Just got the LA46M81BD and I'm very happy BUT... the audio from the built-in tv speakers is slightly out of sync with the audio coming out of my amp/receiver. Because they are out of sync there is a slight echo. Normally I wouldn't care as I would turn down the tv speakers anyway, but I think it means then that the audio from the amp is going to be slightly out of sync with the video of the tv. A friend of mine has the same problem, so I know it can't just be my particular setup. I am currently using the Beyonwiz PVR using a digital coax cable into my Logitech Z-5500 speakers. Any comments anyone?
  9. Just bought a LA46M81BD and noticed Movie Plus (looks very unnatural). Anyway, I had always planned to use a PVR with the screen (the new Beyonwiz) and comparing the two it seems like there is no Movie Plus when viewing tv through the Beyonwiz. So maybe the Movie Plus "feature" is part of the Samsung digital tuner and not necessarily the screen itself.
  10. I saw the 40" and 46" Samsung tv's in a store today but was not happy with the way that normal SD free to air tv looked. The tv's were on HD tv channels, but I'm guessing the actual programmes were SD at the time I saw them (Saturday morning). The picture looked a bit pixellated and artifacts around moving objects were quite noticeable. I assume that this is not a problem with the Samsung panels in particular, but with high def LCD panels in general. Does this bother anyone else? I've currently got a 68cm Sony Trinitron CRT and the picture quality for normal tv watching is much better. I getting a Beyonwiz PVR (rather than use the inbuilt HD tuner) - would this help at all?
  11. I'm confused. Are you saying that the Xbox 360 initially didn't work at 1080 on the Samsung, but then later you got it to work?
  12. I think it would be great to have backups of your original games (copied to your hard drive). Then you wouldn't need to use the DVD drive (and therefore greatly reduce the noise the 360 makes) and loading times would probably be faster. Oblivion can take a while to load when moving between areas...
  13. I also have mine horizontal, in a fairly well ventilated area. Never had any problems with it - I don't use it heaps though. Also I've never had any problems with the console scratching my discs, as reported by other people.
  14. I checked with Retravision Indooroopilly last Monday and they hadn't heard of the BW, though they were quite interested when I showed them the website.
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