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  1. hi there just a question, if i connect another balun to my antenna, to run another cable off it will there be any signal loss (eg is it still going to split the signal? ) if that is the case is it better than spliting the first cable. cheers
  2. i have just tried to connect my ehd to the other usb port but i didn't power up the ehd, so it dosn't work.
  3. so far so good but early days have had it back for 3 days no loss of services with the 7100 motherboard in it. it uses the 7100 firmware. it came back with the latest firmware loaded. had to cut out the back panel to reveal the network port. have set up the network and all works. there also seems to be another usb port above the other one but haven't tried it to see if it works.
  4. he told me that the network port won't be usable all the other features will be, software will be 7100 so to update the firmware you will need 7100 firmware, 1tb external hdd should be supported as well. fingers crossed it will fix the problem, when i get it back.
  5. hi all i have sent my 7000 to topfield to try and fix the loss of services issue. today i rang them to see how it was going i spoke to freddy and he said it would take some time to replace the motherboard as they were out of stock, so with my approval they are going to put a 7100 motherboard in it. it may just fix the issue,only time will tell.
  6. hi there i was able to get my 1tb drive to work but you need to know someone with a 7100 so that they can format you drive for you. once formatted plug into 7000, and like magic it works . sorry this may not help you.
  7. you can select format external hard drive and it says format complete after a few seconds. but it doesn't format it . so the 1tb hard drive must be the problem. would partitioning the hard drive help?
  8. yeh that is ok as long as it is in fat32 format but the pvr won't format it in ext2 format ,for me anyway. the pvr finds the external hard drive , in fat32 format , i can copy a file to it but it won't play it.
  9. the pvr doesn't want to play, and format it for me. is it because it is a 1tb drive? or have other people been able to do it on the 7000 pvr?
  10. i am having the same problems as miata. it seems the topfield doesn't format the external hard drive because it doesn't show that it is formated to ext2 when connected to the computer. after the topfield says that it has formatted i have put it on the pc and the file fomat is RAW not ext2. help?
  11. it seems to format it ok , have done this 4 times, but still says can't connect to external hard drive. is it because it is a 1tb drive? i have a 1tb WD My Book essentials hard drive.
  12. hi how long should it take for the topfield to format a 1tb external hard drive? because i am having the same problem , it takes less than a minuite to format and says it is ok but then it says can't connect to external hard drive. i will try to do it a few times as in the post above.
  13. hi there are you formatting with the computer or the topfield ? if computer can you run me though how? cheers jason
  14. who out there have an opinion on this one
  15. how is it better the 2 new models 9500 and 9800 have the picture master HD ll processer
  16. how much did you pay for it if you dont't mind me asking and what stb have you got
  17. i have checked the specs there dosen't seem to be to much different between the 9500 and the 9800 or am i missing something?
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