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  1. Anyone getting the Black Widow 3D? Pretty horrific situation with it though. Japan only, UHD + 3d version. Damn expensive. About the cheapest you can get it is yes asia, about $125... Sigh...
  2. They are each their own thing with their own takes and strengths. I like them all for what they are. And as a whole, I'd have to say for some of these multi country "re/makes" in two of the cases I think the US versions have more strenghts. The US make of The Bridge was brilliant, especially where season 2 went. And The Killing, man, aside fro, the powerful moving (to me) last episode of season 1, where it went on subsequent series was just so damn strong. It is sort of often the case with remakes of series (even movies) that the first is closer, then followings go their own ways.
  3. I'd thumbs up your post, but damn it the thought of a Dwayne Johnson movie not even likely to get a Blu ray release just curdles my stomach... Another thing I'll probably never see, like Michael Bay's last movie.
  4. Oh gee I can't wait to see this!!!! https://youtu.be/QRbsmbr4HFM
  5. I have apple tv plus but I don't count it A) as it was a free subscription, and I don't use it as the contents are pathetic, utterly pathetic by any comparison. They didn't even license catalog titles, just a few meager network tv looking series as a handful of movies
  6. I can't answer 1. Nothing is applicable to me on that. I have one now. Prime. I had two. I gave up on Netflix as not watching it. And I have prime for free shipping and the Grand Tour, when there is a new one... And if prime changed so that the shipping side was one subscription, and streaming another, I'd just stick with the shipping, and drop streaming. I'm more disillusioned with the whole setup as content moves, services get more and more diluted, and I'd now need around 8 services to see all the shows I had an interest in. So my response is that I'll never see these shows and I watch stuff from my disk library.
  7. I think you have some interesting points there. And the streaming itself probably makes piracy easier once a mechanism in place as stuff already compressed heavily, as oopposed to blu-ray. I never pirated personally, and pre streaming, if it wasn't on blu ray, I just didn't see it. Not like I'm ever short of stuff to watch. I do get stuff in itunes, mainly TV series I could get in HD that only on dvd. But my streaming now is just limited to Prime, and if I didn't have that I wouldn't loose much sleep. I do watch stuff on it. I did have netflix but stopped - IU just wasn't using it, and my wife, whenever I saw her, was just watching stuff on youtube, so I said stuff it. Prime I'll always have for the shipping... I do try check out new ones like Paramount, just to see if it is of interest. And to date no. Even Disney. 90% of the stuff they'd have I either have on BR or UHD, or probably could just buy on iTunes if a 4k itunes available over a BR
  8. Your last line answered your first, I hope! I personally am not going to just keep getting more and more services as contents move and everyone's offerings just look weaker and weaker and weaker. And look at apple. Their contents are so sparse it is a joke. I've a free 12 month trial and I can't be xxxxed using it. They didn't even bother trying to license any catalog titles. I watched a couple of things on it, tried a couple, and now I don't care. I should cancel my sub early so I don't get charged.n3xt year...
  9. And even worse they advertise style over substance. I mean so many I look at and try to see what they have and it is just glossy top level stuff. Nooone has some decent list of shows, seasons, movies etc. I go to P+ and I've got a general idea what it has but that is it, and that isn't enough for me.
  10. It is all getting just too fragmented. What started out with a few services, now everyone and their dog has one and it just continues to dilute content more and more.
  11. Glad to see I'm not the only one that loved the sequel. I preferred it to be honest, although after all the talk, I need to do a two-fer watch of the both. I think my lack of wow on the first was that it was one of these movies everyone everywhere hyped to me, so when I did see it I felt a bit let down. Peninsula was the opposite...
  12. Just transfer wise Peninsula is a lovely display of black detail. I really enjoyed the story too. I guess Parasite gets to what I like in movies and fiction in general. If there isn't someone in the movie I can appreciate or root for, I can't get much enjoyment for it. Parasite was the case of for me if everyone in the movie was never born, the world would have been just a bit better. I guess I can't say I'm a fan of human parasites in terms of people that are lifetime non contributors to society that just suck on actual contributors, so I'm unsure how I'd relate to that family in the movie. Busan maybe I need to give it another go, and do a two feature matinee! I can't recall what irritated me so much about it.
  13. Shame we didn't get the better audio like the US release. No DTS-X. I got the US release. To be honest though, and this is speaking as someone who watches a LOT of Asian cinema, and Korean movies (I buy a lot from HK direct and even European releases and add subtitles), the of all the around 40 Korean movies I've seen in the last year, and I've seen so many flat out awesome ones, my least two liked have been Train to Busan and Parasite. Peninsula I liked so much more.
  14. It'll be awesome if the do more, and given stuff they have posted, they are trying to.
  15. Yeah was great to see it! I started a thread here ages ago when it showed up and noone responded.
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