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  1. Check out this page, 950H Blooming Compensation Settings, https://www.avsforum.com/threads/950h-blooming-compensation-settings.3182386/ Highly recommended.
  2. Back on track, as you all know Panasonic OLED's are no longer available. If you need to buy today, Sony 65" A8H OLED for Movies/TV/Sport. LG 65" CX OLED for Gaming >>> HDMI 2.1 on all 4 ports @ 40 Gbps >>> 4K@120Hz 4:4:4 RGB 10 bit w/HDR. Sony 75" X9500H LED for Movies/TV/Sport and gaming at 4K 60HZ or 1080p 120HZ (HDMI 2.0). Sony 75" X9000H LED for Gaming (HDMI 2.1 on 2 ports). If you can wait until the end of the year as all offerings will have HDMI 2.1, Sony A90J OLED. LG G1 OLED. Sony X95J LED. Sony
  3. Food for thought, https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/sony-x9000h-75-4k-full-array-led-android-tv-2020 Man, it's getting tempting to pull the trigger on the 75" X900H. JB has a list price of $2,995
  4. Belated thanks Willy71. Nice set up indeed, enjoy ??
  5. Good choice. I've been away from the forums for a while and was about to ask the same question. I'm still running a B series Samsung plasma @ 58" (still going well) but have been looking at upgrading to either 65" or 75" to make the most of my growing UHD Blu Ray collection. I can see the positives of OLED but not at the price point they're currently selling for so I will keep a look out for the Pana 65fx800a or Sony XF90 65"/75". Looking forward to your Pana feedback ?
  6. Thanks for feedback Jutta & Mello. Once I jump, I'll also need to update my AVR (currently running a Denon AVR-790 with a Samsung PN58B550 menu tweaked to PB650 for 1080p24 & USB playback)
  7. I've been looking for a while now guys and can't get past the poor SD quality of most 65" - 75" LED sets. I will check out the 8 series again, but I think I will hang on to my Samsung 58" plasma for a while longer until OLED drops further in price.
  8. Check this out Blackman, http://televisions.reviewed.com/news/hisense-anounces-new-uled-hdr-tvs-coming-in-2017
  9. Typically Plex will play up if an update is required.
  10. Long time since I'v been here, but I must say I'm keen on a projector set up like Gillmaverick, time for homework.
  11. Not a bad little bargain, might grab one for my home theatre, http://www.dicksmith.com.au/audio-mp3/logitech-bluetooth-audio-adaptor-dsau-cn3101
  12. Why can't I post links? Anyway google LG 65EF9500
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