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  1. Thanks for the info. Couldn't track it down using Google.
  2. So the Realtek chip can do true 23.976 fps? My last Realtek player drove me crazy with the problem of playing 23.976 at 24fps.
  3. Has anybody bought 3rd party 3D glasses for the 9200? Epson are out of stock.
  4. Replacing the HDD seemed to have fixed the problems (freezing, skipping on recorded material or timeshifting). Thanks to the contributers of the forum!
  5. Trying to sort out a friends Magic not working properly. Trying to format a different HDD I popped in. Has W7 OS on the HDD. Is there a format option from the pvr interface or do I need to format on the PC? Thx Edit...found the relevant post earlier in the thread, thanks.
  6. Realtec had 23.976 issues from long way back. That's why I had to swap from Xtreamer > Dune. It drove me crazy.
  7. [quote name=' timestamp='1338588756' post='1810058] will explore as still confused how it scans and indexes on the dune, unclear if any of these mac compatible either. probably pc based I suspect. Yes PC based. There is at least one app for Mac called DuneX but it doesn't seem to be supported by the author for a little time now.
  8. [quote name=' timestamp='1338518588' post='1809927] hi chops, yeah this is the one shown on the side of the box, not sure which gui/skin it is exactly, Looks like Zappiti from the pic. YaDIS is similar. 6TB is alot but if it is organised it should be OK. YaDIS will not affect the original folders it scans and produces it's own index folder so it is worth a go anyway.
  9. If you like iPhone control you can also try Zappiti but it does cost money.
  10. I can recommend using YADIS to organise your movie collection. Once set up it is very pleasing to the eye (and the family).
  11. So does ATV2 running Black mediaplayer play back uncompressed .m2ts rips from BluRay over network?
  12. The neonIQ in your link will not be able to to do what you originally wanted.
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