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  1. I'm sill on a lamp that's about 5yo (2'nd lamp that came with the unit). Not sure how many hours, but it would be well over 4000 by now. Beyond noting plasma becoming cheap, I havn't followed the TV scene for a while.
  2. Mine still goes, slight discolouration and all. It may have got slowly worse with time, but that could be a product of the lamp dimming with age. It was always worse when I first turned it on.
  3. The replacement optical block which I had installed a few years ago which had the minor discolouration has not materially changed. I have not yet turned it on tonight.
  4. Checking power connections to fans where possible is one suggestion that comes to mind.
  5. Have you tried ClownBD to first extract the main title ? It's also from the same crowd as AnyDVD. http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=25818
  6. I have redundancy, but as I described above, it's largely in the form of offline HDD's and original BD/HD-DVD disks. The backups are for emergencies only, not access every 5 minutes. Access to backup HDD's is via an external HDD enclosure. You are correct in that ClownBD boes not shrink the individual files, but significant space savings can be made by removing rubbish such menu's, trailers, extras etc and by stripping the feature film down to essential video/audio/subtitle tracks. If copying from original disc, it's about 1 hour to rip from original disc and less than that to extract main movie with ClownBD. In 10 years of computer ownership, I have had 10 hard drives, none of which have failed in that time. Most of these drives have an operational life of approximately 2 to 5 years before being relegated to backup offline storage as I upgrade to bigger HDD's. As noted earlier, I do pay attention to HDD cooling within the PC case.
  7. http://www.netplus.com.au/product/HD4/HDWE...r-GP-Hard-Drive With a little effort, ClownBD is easy to use. There are detailed instructions on Slysoft's site. If I buy it in BD quality, I want to watch it in BD quality. Over time, I have upgraded HDD's as I have needed extra storage and the cost per gb has come down. 250gb followed by 320gb, 500gb and currently 1.5tb in the PC. I don't worry about raid-5. If a drive dies, I lose the data, but it's either backed up on an older HDD outside the PC or on the original disc. That to me is better than, for example, having 6tb of storage and only being able to use 3.5gb of it. I have found HDD's to be very reliable, but I have gone to some effort to ensure they are well ventilated to ensure cool operation. Standard PC installations of HDD's can be poor in this regard.
  8. At a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, it would be able to display a mighty big Excel spreadsheet or a lot of web browsers.
  9. Yes. It's somewhat more than the average "big boy's toy budget".
  10. My replacement OB from Above Electronics was imported (or so they said). Interesting that they have taken the unit to the workshop to replace it. Mine was replaced in-home without any difficulty.
  11. Owen, What do you reckon about them claimimg they can build their own OB's for the SXRD ?
  12. Mine original OB was replaced by Above Electronics in May last year. I didn't have extended warranty. but Sony came to the party supplying the OB under Sony's out of warranty assistance. I paid for labour (~$540) which to me was a bit rich bearing in mind that the service tech was on site for 1 hr 30min (at most) between two visits (initial inspection and then replacement of OB). Cost of labour though may not be an issue for you depending on the terms of your extended warranty. The service tech was experienced (he replaced the OB efficiently without reference to the service manual) and there have been no problems with general operation since. He however had no idea when it came to adjustments such as geometry which I ended up adjusting myself. To him it was just another job. He couldn't get out the door quick enough. The receptionist was also evasive at times when it came to follow up questions regarding the replacement OB, but this may have been due to Sony's response to them passing on my concerns. It's worth a go in my view. While the replacement OB itself is not perfect, the TV has otherwise worked without incident since the OB was replaced. Interesting though that they say they have OB's. With my replacement, they had to import it (or so they said). You may have to fine tune geometry and convergence but those issues are covered in this thread. The minor discolouration I have with the replacement OB hasn't changed and to this point I have tolerated it without further action.
  13. The variable is video processing and whether the video player does it better than the SXRD. I have a dedicated HTPC (sig) and use that in preference to the SXRD for upscaling and deinterlacing. It is this reason that I use 1920x1080 progressive (p) resolutions to the SXRD.
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