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  1. There is certainly some expertise on this site. just need to be wary of what it can do to your wallet
  2. Thanks for the info. it’s got me dumbfounded how I get locked out as I use a password manager. im wondering if the site has a automated member reset or removal if you haven’t logged in after a certain time period. Another post just to add to the numbers.
  3. Can anyone advise when I’ll be able to message? Zero messages a day is the current problem.
  4. For some reason this is the 2nd time I’ve been locked out of my account. It’s Westsurf ... missing reading the classified section. Will contact Marc next.
  5. I'm assuming that a cold weather amp only? You know as you can heat the whole house with it GLWTS
  6. Legendary as usual Bill ... your generosity has issues though. In the case of me I have to buy another DAC to use the spare set of RCA interconnects
  7. I have the same XSP-1 Gen 2 ... wonderful pre amp. One of the better additions to my HT system allowing for wonderful 2 channel sound direct from my Oppo 203. Excellent bang for buck.
  8. Why did this have to appear when I’m on holidays in an essentially no mobile reception area?
  9. The database is on an SSD ... shared folder mounted exclusively on an external USB3 SSD.. you are correct though that the occasional hiccups occur. Not often but just enough to be annoying. I have too much material to consider losing an internal drive on a cost basis of replacing say 4Tb drives with three 6TB or greater drives. Let alone the rebuild time to accomplish the transition. The best solution is to move Roon to a headless NUC which will, eventually, also fulfil direct USB Audio to DAC.
  10. Synology 918+ user here with approx 12 Tb of music and films. The system is set up with SSD caching to allow for faster database access. Roon and Plex both installed on the Synology using a Oppo 203 as endpoint for everything. Performs effectively flawlessly. Roon is installed on an external USB3 SSD drive Attached to the NAS for speed. I have noticed though that memory usage by Roon is reasonable high constantly. As such, I’d consider is increasing the RAM from the base 4Gb. However, as I’m thinking of moving Roon onto an Intel NUC for direct USB to a DAC I’ll probably f
  11. Yes it is isn’t it versus some sellers responses or lack of.
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