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  1. Seems odd to me to buy an AVR to make do whilst your 4K AVR is in for repair. How long do you expect the repair to take? Repairs are normally just board swaps which don't take very long at all, assuming they have the required part.
  2. Welcome to the field of rabbit holes. Plenty for you to explore there. As a very gross generalization, the order of sound quality by digital interface type goes something like this: network>XLR>coax>optical>USB. There is so much tweaking that can be done with USB it might be slotted in the order anywhere depending on the degree of tweaking. There is also I2S and any number of proprietary high bandwidth interfaces to complicate things even further.
  3. You are worrying about nothing. Up your insurance to accidental damage. If it blows up buy something new.
  4. And the pricing in the UK is insane. I saw the Magico retail price list for the UK, some eye watering numbers there.
  5. I'm not tarnishing anybody. Being mindful of the plethora of on-line e-tail sales channels I was wondering who visits physical retail stores any more as part of a purchasing decision. This applies across the whole retail spectrum, not just audio.
  6. I wonder how many Perth consumers actually visit specialist audio stores. The last time I actually went to audition something in a specialist store what I wanted to audition wasn't working. The last thing I auditioned in-store was a pair of Sf speakers in Vince Ross audio, that was probably 15+ years ago. I have done in-home audition before, twice, facilitated by Simply HiFi. They are very amenable for that. I have placed "sight unseen" orders with another local store, but the last time they back-flipped on their quotation and upped the price considerably, which I declined to accept and asked for my deposit back. I did eventually get my money returned, about 3 months later.
  7. If you think that was tedious and time consuming, how about this. 10,000 holes, all drilled by hand, by me. 3 months work. The thing is, once a silly project like this is started you get to a point where you realize how silly it is ,but never-the-less must see it through to the end.
  8. I used the autocal on my JVC DLA-X9900 and the resulting picture quality is outstanding.
  9. What I'm saying is if you want to reduce noise intrusion spending money on the glazing will help a little bit, but of itself won't result in a quiet ambient environment inside. You will still hear the traffic noise. You also need to upgrade the window frames, and address all those other things as well. There is no easy fix for this. Roller shutters will give you some noise intrusion protection for the least outlay. You can do double glazing as a DIY project, that is what I did at home. The spacer bars and joiners and adhesive and glass are readily obtainable, the challenge is the special desiccant that goes in the spacer bars. Fortunately I was able to score some at a double glazing factory. Store in a sealed container until ready for use. Comfort Plus 10mm for the outside glass, maybe 6mm laminate for the inside, and a 10mm spacer bar. It is important to have cut edges machined otherwise the glass will eventually crack. The window size will be a consideration as the double glazed panels are heavy and you just can't glue them into existing frames built for 4mm float glass.
  10. Does the JVC have auto-calibration? If so just buy or borrow the sensor and DIY. You should end up with a respectable picture. As for calibrating the 4K TV's, to get them done by a professional will probably cost about $800 each. Which makes the DIY option even more appealing.
  11. Traffic noise is getting into the house via the walls, the ceiling, the windows, and ground conduction vibration through the floor. Throwing money to improve the windows is only going to have a minimal affect on the noise intrusion into the house. To do it properly will cost a fortune. To not do it properly will just cost money without achieving much.
  12. You probably know Pilium is the reference amplifier at the Magico factory listening room. Expect new product announcement from Magico in the coming days.
  13. My insurance for physical media collection (CD/DVD/BR) has a $10,000 limit. They didn't ask me for an itemized list, although that would be easy to produce if needed. My previous insurer (SGIO) wanted model and serial numbers for everything, but when I changed to AAMI they didn't care about that.
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