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  1. Ello. I searched for thread about this but couldn't find one. http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2008/01/samsungs...s_for_2008.html Coming out later this year apparently. Looks pretty cool, but not sure about the coloured border...
  2. Just saw the v300 40" in Computer World (VIC & NSW) for $1699 http://www.cworld.com.au/product_info.php?ID=125713 also, v300 32" for $1279 http://www.cworld.com.au/product_info.php?ID=125712 Thumbs up at the strength of the Aussie dollar
  3. Price updates: Sony Style in Melbourne has dropped the sticker price to $1899 (I think on sale) Soundcorp on eBay have it listed at $1799 Camera World have it for $1899 (up $100) I'm still yet to bite the bullet, but will soon. No sign of it at JB-HiFi.
  4. Salesman that almost let me have the V300 for $1599 had short dark hair, looked about 22 years old and quite tall, I think wearing a white shirt. The manager that said no was a larger build, had a darker blue shirt on and was probably about 30 yo.
  5. Oh yeah one more thing - The sony central manger claimed that they were losing $40 on each KLV40V300 at $1599. I doubt it...
  6. I just visited the Melb City store - they sold out at 10am today. Not expecting more stock for about a month! The salesman said that Prahran was also out of stock too. I almost got away with paying the discount price now and picking up whenever they get new stock. The salesman said OK but just before putting it through the computer he double checked with his manager who said the discount only applied to in-stock goods. Damn! Oh well... A good alternative for Melbourne folk is Camera World, who offer free delivery for Bravia TVs: http://www.cameraworld.com.au/Cameraworld_...CD_TV_s/124
  7. Thanks heaps cary! I hope they have enough stock for the stampeded... Ian
  8. I checked out the KLV32V300 and KLV40V300 at Sony Central in the Melbourne CBD (Elizabeth st). They had the 40" for $1999 sticker price. I didn't bother to haggle - I am not quite ready to buy yet. The set looked great though, much better than pictures. The beige/brown colour is darker than the pictures suggest, and it looks quite good in the flesh. I asked about the 46" inch and the salesperson said that because Sony Central isn't actually owned by Sony they often only find out about new models two weeks before they are on sale. He then went on to say he was aware of a 46" model and tho
  9. The V300 is the perfect set for me - I don't want a tuner as I use a media center PC through a VGA input to do TV/PVR/DVD/Videos/Internet. I am specifically trying to avoid a TV with a tuner in it. Saw an older KLV40V200 on Friday in JB-HIFI at Melbourne CBD (cnr Elizabeth & Lonsdale) for $1991 and was tempted but this is even better. Massive value - V300 40" for $1800, almost half the price as what the V200 came out at about a year ago!
  10. Hey All, I was about to start a new thread on the 40" but found this one... I am interested in the TCL 40" (102cm) LCD at Retravision for $1499. Features include: 1366x768 resolution, 8ms response time, 3000:1 contrast ratio, HDMI, USB I notice the retravision catalogue states 3000:1 rather than 1200 like the TCL website... Anyone have much experience with these, or know if these are LG or Samsung panels? I am in the market for a 40", and am also trying to save for a house deposit so don't want to spend too much right now! I will connect it to a media center PC which will be for digita
  11. Hi All, My brother's Sony KVHR32M31 is now for sale on eBay. It is in Melbourne, and pickup is the only possible method of delivery. Starting bid is only $600, so get in there and grab a bargain! Sony KVHR32 Widescreen HD CRT TV Cheers, Ian
  12. I tried two different units on a widescreen 100hz 32" CRT and also a 40" LCD. To me the problem seemed worse on the CRT than the LCD. But in the shop when we tested it on the 50hz CRT tvs the flickering was not as obvious. I think because of the natural flicker of a 50hz screen masks it a bit. Might go back to JB and see if they will let me return the second one or upgrade.
  13. Hey All, Got a replacement from JB and found that it does the same brightness shimmering as the first. Tested it on 40" Samsung LCD and 32" Sony KVH432M31 CRT. JB were good to let me return the first one as when I demonstrated it on their (low-end 50hz) crt TVs in the shop it didn't seem as bad as at home. I am not sure I can return this one now. Wish I had bought something better. Will probably end up using as backup or for second TV for ABC2 and buy a decent topfield pvr or something... Quite disappointed - but I guess you get what you pay for I only bought due to positive comments
  14. Mine has been sold. My brother, also in Melbourne, is going to Japan soon and will be selling his KVHR32 within a couple of months - I'll point him to this thread.
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