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  1. Why do you have to keep changing between Aspect ratios to get the right picture? I have a plasma and would think that 16:9 would be fine for everything and that all that would happen is the program woudl show bars on the sides if it wasnt in 16:9, like FTA.
  2. FTA is connected via HDMI through C26 HD STB Yeah both sharpness and brightness. Brightness seems to be the biggest issue though.
  3. No only 1 yellow going straight to TV.
  4. Is there a way to change the screen brightness via the AUSTAR box? My FTA via STB looks great, but the AUSTAR box is making it look all dull. I cant belive the shite quality of AUSTAR versus FTA
  5. How do i get this box instead? the one that got installed yesterday doesnt have it.
  6. I have a Hitachi 8800, Yamaha 7.1 receiver, Toshiba C26 STB and DVD player and have just got Austar. What is the best way of connecting this up , producing the best sound and visual quiality, given that i have the STB and TV connected HDMI, The STB and DVD connected to the receiver via Optical (amp isnt HDMI) ALSO looking at a Universal Remote to control all...any suggestions (not looking at anything too expensive) Thanks Tye
  7. ive had the Box for about a year now and havnt had any problems at all.
  8. yes still have the problem on TEN SD and HD. Southern Cross (SD) is fine
  9. I have the Toshiba c26 and it works great using HDMI Thanks Tye
  10. yes ive had this problem for the last couple of nights on the gold coast. Friggin annoying, every other channel is fine (inc ten gold coast) but 10 drops out every couple of mins or seconds sometimes.
  11. i purchased a new antenna as the old hills terminal box was open and rusting I now have this one http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?I...eMax=&SUBCATID= we also raised the antenna as it was very low and facing the top of a house. we are now picking up SBS And ABC. One problem is that the set top box SNR is still only on half way (24-25dB) but we have ok reception. Next in line is to replace cable and splitter (3 terminals) ALSO how do i tell which exact way to point it. Ive just looked at the rest of the surrounding houses and follwed them as best as possible. The jaycar guy, w
  12. Hey, Have just moved into a house in Burleigh waters and have a HD set top box and HD plasma and am having troubles with the reception of ABC and SBS. All other channels are perfect (with only half SNR) but SBS is non-existant and wont even recognise the channel and ABC has low SNR and is broken up really bad. What should be the first things to look at? Antena direction? Masthead amp? New antena? Thanks Tye
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