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  1. Love the fact that all these great artists are linked with the name that gave us "hooray for hollywood '' So hard to judge the big picture ; whether the criteria is how prolific the artist or influence in a genre or number of hit songs in the billboard 100 or something.... As it is also influenced by the age of the one judging I was happy to see Neil Diamond mentioned as he also wrote classic pop songs for the Monkees 🤩 If Burt Bacharach and Hal David is permitted I would link the careers of Petula Clark ; Dionne Warwick , Gene Pitney and Dusty Springfield to varying degrees [not just
  2. Yep ' many anecdotal examples of this ; easily explained away by blanket cover everything sceptics ie the planet saturn ; ball lightening; marsh gas Ide rather upset a few world views with trained naval aviators flying off of a nuclear aircraft carrier 🤖 The pentagon is starting to leak like a sieve ' or its a new strategy after Dr J A Hynek had a go🏌️‍♂️
  3. Its as said great that e-arc is available now as that can send lossless sound switched through your tv . The only reason that 2.1 is wanted is for the 2.1 features for gamers with the latest consoles and certain pc video cards .Here is some light reading about the capabilities What is HDMI 2.1? An Overview - RTINGS.com Ile add that certain makes like Trinnov are already working on 2.1 ports that have 48gbps rather than 40gbps with cypress technologies ; these are 2nd generation chipsets for 2.1 . who knows when these will matter with no native 8k video yet 😉
  4. I would take note of the comments here Luke about Ferraris and Mazdas Dolby Vision, including HDR10 conversion w/ DTM on Projectors? | Page 160 | AVS Forum A factor would be the % of dolby vision material you stream https://www.avsforum.com/threads/dolby-vision-including-hdr10-conversion-w-dtm-on-projectors.3097934/post-60777428 https://www.avsforum.com/threads/dolby-vision-including-hdr10-conversion-w-dtm-on-projectors.3097934/post-60777948
  5. Short for bass management . Go to pg 78 in the 105 manual and the audio processing settup ; the bass management for the multi analogue outputs are here followed by the options for 2ch stereo ; as David has asked earlier .. this is oppos very considerately giving the option of using the sabre dacs as the fl/fr for those who want to use the multi analogue outs . You want the 1st option however ; "The stereo or down-mixed stereo signals are processed and sent out from the dedicated stereo output terminals'"😉 Microsoft Word - BDP-105 English Manual_20120920.doc (oppodigi
  6. The 105 has balanced and unbalanced 2 ch outs . The xlrs have no bass management available ; have you set the BM for full range on the unbalanced rca;s ? T The workaround would be a pair of balanced to unbalanced connectors to use the oppos balanced outs without the fore mentioned bass management for a possibly cleaner passage ..
  7. The Hisense q8 series is the pick at these prices . Its not a cheap edge lit but a FALD for better contrast with many local zones . And its got upmarket quantum dots for a better colour gamut . lovely 4k uhd playback with its 1000+ nit peak brightness 🤩 I notice the 100" s8 has recently come down to 8k from a rrp of 14k - it isnt a quantum dot model - the q series was superior and what I went with It just got a firmware for alexa and google assistant btw finally..
  8. JVC did issue a firmware for these lines but was only partly successful , As an experiment change your colour gamut away from auto to a specific y cbcr component rather than rgb and see if it repeats At the least the projector wont have to change to what it prefers - for any 12 bit sources specifically which your 820 is .. https://discuss.avscience.com/index.php?topic=1894.msg12714#msg12714
  9. Hi Yang ; its a shame that Auro couldnt convince more audio mixers to encode soundtracks in Auro ; dolby and dts just had too much market recognition and the differing speaker positioning meant it was easier for manufacturers to go with the more compatible codecs .. As time goes by these become entrenched as a defacto standard ; when licensing fees are considered the ce is paying for auromax upmixing rather than the discrete sound mix which is quite rare on a disc . Consider too the edict that dolby tried to implement on cross matching codecs with the opposition if you were a licensee ;
  10. Heres a post that separates what happens when the old channel based paradigm is compared to the new object placed paradigm [ and how the atmos decoder works when you dont have the correct speakers positioned properly as said ] https://www.avsforum.com/threads/how-does-dolby-atmos-work-on-a-5-1-system.3038880/post-57347970 https://www.avsforum.com/threads/how-does-dolby-atmos-work-on-a-5-1-system.3038880/post-57348046 If you want the helicopters to be where they should be ; get a 5.1.2 system as a minimum 😉
  11. Whats the word ; I start talking about the high lumens bluescent LZ NZ3 coincidentally and its hi lumens for HDR and JVC get the hint 😉 Or it could be the popularity of this model I read ; yeah lets go with that 😁 Seriously they werent kidding when they said the large "N" chassis was for future iterations .. Theyve already been fine tuning the tech between the 2 dlp models released ; which phosphor plate version will they go with ? Hmm ; the dla z1 also has 3000 lumens so maybe stationary ?
  12. A classic Mexican song many times recorded; this one stuck
  13. Indeed . Its a shame that Epson puts the emphasis on their own people finding fault and should clarify this ; An optional extra warranty would make them explain the situation Otherwise I notice some brands [ admittedly ones used in harsher conditions and laser ] do offer 5 years so its good theres competition ..
  14. Easily appreciate that Rich it just draws you into the picture ; its a tradeoff between false walls and trying to boost the contrast with say a .8 gain grey screen while gaining all those lumens for good HDR , Its something else if your starting from scratch which isnt the case here Even without the dearer n series colour filter [ which drops the lumens even more to gain a wider colour gamut] it isnt too bad covering the dcip3 gamut we want ; If only Epson was hiding a ls10500 replacement with hdmi 2.0a and 4k60 input and frame by frame HDR DTM.. I would keep my 70
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