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  1. I was going to suggest a ust as an alternative with such a short room Axl . I would go with something with a high colour gamut like the bt2020 capable ones just coming on to the market now . All the advantages of lasers long life and better than uhd dci-p3 colour gamut depending on make .. a recognised name has done the r&d ; a bomacker not so much .. Do you anticipate using any streaming services ? covered.. Hisense 100" 4K UST Projector Laser TV 100L5SET (videopro.com.au)
  2. This comes from a dated 2003 projector central article but refers to JVC lcos so take it as applicable vis a vis other technologies Elsewhere i see –
  3. Found this Buy Epson EB-PU1008BNL 3LCD Projector - 16:10 - Ceiling Mountable, Wall Mountable, Desktop - Black | Bridge IT Solutions - Computer Store Online . How would one go with a lumagen doing the HDR metadata ? Interesting times with this tech emerging from Epson in any case
  4. Yamahas can be frustrating with there scene presets as said . I would have just tried pure bitstream from the 751 so the yam can decode or if that didnt work bypass the decoder and let the 751 decode to lpcm instead .. The later theoretically should work as you got coax/optical lpcm working ; fingers x ed
  5. That heimerkau video sure looked convincing enough😉 ; dug a bit deeper into that Sony 4k laser and noted a disparity with the nz series for 4k/120 frame rates with hdmi ; old chipsets again ? but doesnt need a filter for dci-p3 thanks to the lumens ; impressive Sony PSE VPL-GTZ380 4K SXRD Laser Projector - AWE Europe (awe-europe.com)
  6. Irving Berlin- Broadway musical and 1943 film This Is the Army, Kate Smith
  7. I think ide be more worried if the source [mike the calibrator] wasnt handling projectors that are on 24/7 https://www.avsforum.com/threads/new-4k-projectors-coming-2021.3169568/post-61036570 If you use a projector like a tv like some ;ide be more worried but then i look at a laser projector like a benq 970 which have been around ages and its 5000 lumens arent a worry and theres jvc's long history in the flight simulation market which has more stringent specs than ours It would be good to know what longevity tests are employed certainly - if hdvtest can do burn in tests for oleds to reassure people that would be good to emulate edit Kris deering has put this into perspective as he knows Mike ; cant fault the logic here https://www.avsforum.com/threads/new-4k-projectors-coming-2021.3169568/post-61037378
  8. Good thing we dont leave our projectors on 24/7 Al ; Craig has calmed a few nerves I suspect https://www.avsforum.com/threads/new-4k-projectors-coming-2021.3169568/post-61036094 This helped too ; Anyway it will be interesting to see any recall of the entry level dlp nx lz3 as it has the highest lumen output- around 3000 lumens on its brightest mode 😅 Its a good incentive anyway to run on low or medium laser rather than high [leave that for uhd only ]
  9. To add to what has been said about dirac processing rates 48khz is fine as most movies are either 16/48 or 24/48 , If you want higher dirac processing rates like 24/96 your looking at brands like trinnov .. If you have a lot of bluray concert ddtruehd discs with 24/96 [ based on dolby mlp max at 7.1 channels] this may make sense but at a price .. Otherwise straight lpcm dosnt need decoding and can go straight to your dsp modes;BM ; then the dacs Must say that configuration sub menu in flaks video for bass management of klipsch speaker types is very sweet ; no more low/high pass guesswork after dirac does its job .
  10. Yes the exasound would be a step up as the oppo's would only be a standard SOC . Bob Pariseau at avs forum would have some insights . Or you would just need a new pre pro like BugPowderDust mentioned . It comes down to if your present avr is acceptable to just take the exasound dacs analogue out [ all the circuitry in most avrs doesnt help analogue much and you have to pay to get a good isolated design usually ] . Or something like that Lyngdorf which has the advantage of keeping everything in the digital domain till the dacs further down the line [ with the advantage of being lpcm ; there being no conversions for room perfect or bass management ] So its how much do you spend or if your current avr is adequate to an extent ? its a shame that there used to be pre pros with 2 multi analogue inputs but with atmos etc those days are long gone hence exasound has seen a niche in the market ;clever
  11. Someone who doesnt think a 4k led FALD tv should be more than 3 times the price for the same size ? I dunno 🤷‍♂️
  12. Sony have been doing the sums here for sure [possible with a monopoly at this size ] . The Hisense 100'' s8 is now on runout and no longer has a 100" model available . So its a 25k or a 7k while they last .. Cant wait for the oled version price 🧐
  13. That is impressive and would certainly work with switching a pair of oppos utilising their digital volume controls . Other brands would need attenuation as its pretty rare 😉
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