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  1. Hey, long time been away, today i picked up one of these , sony 70w850b, surfing the net to find what is the best calibrating tool for these things (without going full isf.. $$$) , mainly watch free to air, and maybe few dvds, any suggestions welcome, thanks in advance. Been mainly watching my pio 506 50 inch in the past, its going to retire in another room.
  2. mate im interested in one or both, have old loewe tvs and can do with these, thanks in advance will send pm. i will pay postage.
  3. A friend used PriceUSA, he was verry happy with them, you can pay (I think) extra %20 of postage fees and they cover the return warranty costs.
  4. Chops u will be jealous, friend won a scope screen, next was $250 and 150 and 50 buks.
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys, good stuff, looks like Astone may be the go, I am going to check the files/codecs for each again and decide. I am not anything fancy just want it to play high quality what ever file I give to it, (providing of course the source is good).
  6. sorry if this feels like a hijack, but I too am interested getting a mediaplayer mainly to play all downloaded movies of the net so need something that plays full hd , BR with latest files/codecs, was looking at Astone 110 and comparing to newis player asus O!Play HDP-R1 . Has anyone got to play with both and compared them, Asus is another 40 50 bucks but may be worth it.
  7. Diese has got some good examples as well, but forgot to mantion, depending on the viewing distance and material also budget, if she can go a bit over $700 she should be able to pick up a 42inch plasma (name brand). I think goodguys had the pana 42inch plasma for around $700.
  8. I bought two of these from Myers http://justklapp.com.au/products/Visual%20...hiba%2032AV600A for my kidds, and then bought one for my sis from goodguys for $599, good PQ and two yrs warranty. I would recommend it.
  9. I will be saving heaps with my plasmas especially in winter no need to put the heater on, and get to watch tv as i roam around the house
  10. Any savings you may make from say LCD over Plasma is more then offset with the price diff. So just buy something with good PQ and enjoy it, that is what TVs are for.
  11. Why would he want a 65inch when he watches a 70 inch TV. He is looking for 80 +
  12. I can confirm the top job Carolina does as well, friend bought a projector couple months back, she kept him updated through the process, it came some $90 cheaper then first quoted, she credited the money back. there is an option of getting insurance with her to send the goods back for warranty purposes, it cost very little and provides same warranty as well as peace of mind.
  13. I have mine glued with the double sided stickons they came with, they stick very strong and no way will move. They are brass spikes Audio Research brand.
  14. Slugger, just got two toshi 32inch for similar price (each), have a look at http://www.justklapp.com/products/Visual%2...hiba%2032AV600A and try price match if you cant get from Klapp.
  15. Anyone considering this Rank Arena compared it to Toshi 32av600 which can be sourced for $599, I am in the market for kids bedrooms so wouldnt mind some feedback which one comes on top, Toshi is not FULL hd but does come with 2yrs warranty, I had a look at them in Myer and looks good from 2meters (which would be the minimum viewing for kidds room). Thanks.
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