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  1. Auscott, I was concerned about the 72" stand when I bought as I paid $800 for a stand to house all my components for the failed LG MW60 but was not wide enough for the 72". Very happy to advise the 72" stand will easily house all your current & future components with ease including a centre speaker. I'm just so glad I got it in time to watch England win the world cup.
  2. Got my replacement 72" Toshi yesterday & works fine but noticed it wasnt eactly brand new as it had been unpacked B4. What is the service code to check the lamp hours. Also it doesnt sit flush on the stand it overhangs by 1cm over the front is this supposed to happen, cant push back due to the wooden lugs on top that sit flush under the set.
  3. Beware of LG I bought a 71" LCOS in November last year from HN who advertised this set nationally & was told it would be in Oz in 2 weeks. I went overseas in Dec & returned in Jan & still no set. was told by LG it was 2 weeks away & delayed due to wharf problems etc. In Feb was told again by LG it was 2 weeks away then told by HN it hasnt even been shipped from the factory in Korea. Waited till March still no-one could tell me where this set was that I paid $9000 for so I told told them to stick it where it fits & got my money back. I dont have a problem with HN but wouldnt
  4. BFletch I got my 72" on Tuesday & the screen went blank after 3 hours. LED's indicated lamp failure, Toshi freighted a new lamp over night & no difference with same LED's indicating lamp failure. Toshi have arranged to swap the set on Monday. Will let you know if this one works. Toshi have been good so far in trying to correct the problem, I'm thankful I took out a 5 year warranty after the crap I went through with LG's 62" blue screen of death.
  5. Pulled the lamp unit out looks like one of the filaments has broken off will call Castel tomorow to arrange an urgent replacement B4 the World Cup. On USA & Canadian forums they've experienced the same defect.
  6. All the manual says is the lamp is not working properly surely it should last more than 3 hours...
  7. Help - got my 72" today & happily watching a movie when the screen went blank & the orange LED blinks @ 1/2 sec intervals. Blue LED is steady. Tried switching off & on several times but still blinking and still no picture.
  8. :ph34r: Have been told today from HN still 7-10 days away from arriving in Adelaide, phoned LG they said could be up to 4 weeks no wonder they've stopped advertising them maybe have to look at an alternative.
  9. Sorry dont know about the 60" have only been asking about the 71" no specs online only summaries from press releases.
  10. Just rang LG as I'm getting conflicting reports from HN stock will arrive in Oz mid December in Sydney. I doubt we'll see any in Adelaide B4 Xmas.
  11. :ph34r: Just heard from Harvey Norman these sets are still a good 4 weeks away this is despite being told 3 weeks ago they are 2 weeks away. They claim there is none in the country.
  12. Question: How can these sets be sold on E-bay before we can buy them in the stores...
  13. Here are the some pics http://www.gom5.com/CEDIA.htm
  14. Anyone seen any specs yet & date when available in Oz.
  15. Did you get a stand with the set as the 152cm came with a stand & the $800.00 one I have recently purchased to match all my chrome components is not wide enough for the 157cm unit.
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