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  1. Would it be fair to say if the comparison was between P1 and 7000, the review would shape differently ? (i.e. 7000 is more stable)
  2. Great effort putting together this comparison. As expected, something like this will always attract retaliation of some sort. I wouldn't get too worked up on those responses.
  3. Thanks to this thread, I've successfully repaired my X10. It's been playing up for a while then one day the recording function completely failed to work. I initially thought the HDD had died, but it turned out to be blown capacitors.
  4. If viewing photo over wireless is bad, then I guess streaming video is definitely a no no ? What if you transfer the files to the P1 first then view, how's the file transfer speed like ? I'm contemplating on getting a P1 to hook it up to my wireless router. If performance is dreadful, I might have to think twice.
  5. Some high scores for Tivo and Foxtel. I wondered if Tivo or Foxtel commissioned the case study?
  6. About 1 month ago my local GG ran a similar stunt, 'VIP/supplier sale'. They had the P1 for $660 (it was labeled manager special). I tried to talk them down some more but they refused to go any lower.
  7. Yes, I hooked up the 5010 using HDMI to my Panasonic 50" plasma. To my surprise, I found the PQ poorer compared to my old Wintal X10 (connection via s-video). Even my wife agreed when she walk into the room after I hooked it up.
  8. As Drex pointed out on his free LiDiC unit, 'doubt I'll have a use', it kinda sums up the value of it.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like a reasonable deal. I guess the $215 you saved can be used to repair the unit when it carks itself Time to consider a refurb unit again.... hmmm
  10. Thanks Drex, looking forward to hear from you.
  11. My Wintal X10 has been playing up lately (cannot play recordings) so I've been searching for a replacement. I've always been keen on a new HD PVR, in particular the Beyonwiz P1, however the price have been a deterrent. Spotted a Topfield 5010 for $269 @ DSE so decided to pick one up. After setting it all up, I was disappointed with the PQ and ended up returning it. I guess if I want better PQ, I had to pay for it. Anyway, I noticed ebay have refurb Beyonwiz P1 for $550 (incl shipping) with 3 months warranty. Are these units worth getting compared to new ones which will cost extra $150 for t
  12. Yes, each screen/monitor can have its own unique resolution setting.
  13. Goodguys advertising 2P for $599, less for cash. Prob can knock 50-100 bucks off by haggling
  14. If he doesn't like the PV50 design, how about the PX600A design ? The 50PX600A can be had for high $3XXX.
  15. Agree. If anyone can name a single brand that has never faulted, I'd be interested to hear from them.
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