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  1. All back and ok @7pm.. hope it stays ok. thanks for replies guys
  2. Anyone else lost... All Win/Nine and Prime/Seven channels from around 5pm... checked with neighbors and they have lost these as well. All other channels are fine. My location is TURNER ACT
  3. Yeah.. I'm probably guilty of that but I know it's not possible. Well the Kuro was close . 2 yrs ago I bought a top end Sammy that buzzed so bad the family wouldn't be in the same room.. I had it replaced.. it buzzed worse. JBs where good enough to exchange for Pana 50v10 ( which had the tag from c-net as best TV pre-viewed that year) only to lose its Editors choice and a star rating later that year due to the rising MLL.) My V10 now looks like a washed out cheap lcd.. with serious IR So I was asking the question as to VT20 owner opinions re good and bad points... I guess the buzz an
  4. Thanks for the replies. I think I'll wait for the VT30 and hope some of these issues are dealt with. Shame, as the sell out price for 50VT20 is spot on..
  5. I'm looking to replace my old washed out 50V10a with an end of model 50VT20a. Could any owners comment on "floating blacks, 50hz pal issue, excessive flicker and rising blacks for the 50VT20a" which I've been reading about on the AVS and AVF forums. I've noted most reviewers haven't raise these as problems. I've got one on hold for $1325.00 (incl +4yrs warr) At that price it's looks too good to pass up. I look forward to any owners comments. Thanks edit: I also heard these models buzz!!??
  6. hman001 .. have you tried using Scart to Component leads for your dig Foxtel box? I bought the 50"V10 this time last year and SD Foxtel was very average. While nothing like HD, the Component connection did improve markedly the PQ on SD Foxtel. I still haven't got around to upgrading to HD. Thanks for the thread and info MLXXX .. I'm looking at upgrading to the 54VT20 next month.
  7. AVF have completed a review on the V20 AVForum V20 Review Although the "extra features" are revved up on the European models as they were on the V10s, the generic panel features should be the same as we get here. Seems like a decent review.
  8. I had the chance to view 3D at DJs and JBs over the last few days and it didn't excite me one bit.. quite blurry and I got the vertigo effect, so I guess I'm in the low % that find it unwatchable. No headache but felt like calling for herb!
  9. Hi..I've been off-line for awhile.. It may have been obvious but it didn't fix the problem. The A-board was replaced 3 weeks ago, then SS, SC and D boards where replaced in subsequent weeks.. None of these board changes helped reduce the "coarse" IR. I'm hoping for a positive outcome soon..
  10. Actually, it's like a very cheap LCD Time isn't a factor, 10 mins or 10 hrs. IR has become so bad that the main menu or input selection menus, which stay on approx 5 seconds can be read clearly on a blank AV screen at 3 metres. When I turn on TV each day, white artifacts ( lines, swirls, letters and watermarks) are clearly present and give the screen a luminous grey look. What was my pride and joy for the first few months has become a nightmare.. I must point out that 3 friends who bought a V10 the same time as myself, still have excellent blacks, greyscale and NO IR. I think mine is a
  11. Bumblefreak I rang Panasonic help desk when I first noticed IR after 1000 hrs.. their advise was to run empty analog ( snow ) screen for an hr. (under input press TV button) It didn't help wipe IR after 2+ hrs. I'm now around 2000 hrs on my V10 and the IR is v/bad. It carries white objects into next black scene, which totally defeats the purpose of have this quality TV I'm in the process of getting this resolved.
  12. Hope this clears up the Codec question. Under Set up Options.... Audio: English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 With my humble Pana SA-HT65 AV, it sounds great and the PQ is WOW!! in the V10's THX mode. Anyways, for you who ordered from Amazon UK I hope you enjoy as I will.
  13. No codec details on the rear of case so I can't help you at this time. Edit:.. actually using a magnifying glass it reads DTS and Dolby Digital.. freaking tiny icons... I guess that's all we get.. I live in a unit so I can't do the movie theatre sound thing so DD 5.1 is fine for me
  14. Hi. I'm still at work so haven't slipped it in the BR yet. But reading from case.. Feature 127 Mins, Extras over 4 hours, Ratio: 16x9 ( 2.35:1 ), Audio: English 5.1, Subtitles English SDH Looking forward to viewing it tonight. PS.. Can you believe 4 days from London!!! I think my best was 6 days to get BSG tin set.
  15. I decided to go the Amazon UK route this time. Pre-ordered 16th, depatched 20th, delivered to day 24th.. via Royal mail 16.30 UK pound incl postage ( $27.25 aus ) why would you leave your home
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