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  1. I need to get some of this good "stuff" you are having. Who should I talk to when I call today?
  2. @Tivoli Hi-Fi Did you need my bank details so you can pay me for positive comments?
  3. Yeah mate, keep going like this and you will be making all SNA'ers constantly refresh the commercial forum.
  4. Tivoli is on a roll at the moment. The past few posts have sold within the hour. The early bird gets the hifi gear!
  5. I feel like everytime I get a delivery from Bill, I have won...so was it me?
  6. It happens so often, you would think the web admin would know how to fix this by now. I mean, its not like SNA is down that often, or buggy, or lose links, or prices show up on the main page some times and other times you have to click through to find pricing....
  7. See Chris? We are all eyeing your pictures and seeing what else can be had!
  8. Hey Chris, your room looks really messy, I think it's time you move the other stuff as well.
  9. Going to be hard to post/collect during lockdown. Great unit, someone buy it before Aaron does.
  10. I have listened to quite a few DACs and most of the time, it takes a lot of effort to hear any differences between them (even the $20k DAC at Len Wallis). When you plug this Audio Matrix in, you will notice a difference right away - the clarity of each note is amazing. Listening to songs that accentuates vocals and instruments separately (like jazz and classical music), this DAC just takes you to a whole new level. PS: Even though this is MQA, I still prefer Quboz over Tidal.
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