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  1. Sorry, is this question directed at me, if so, I have never played any content through my tv, such as Netflix that showed Dolby Atmos reporting as True HD. Only my blu ray player shows that.
  2. I think I have found the answer! So since I have my 4K blu ray player and PS4 Pro connected directly to my AVR, I’m getting lossless Atmos audio. OT, I looked at my profile page and it shows I joined in 2005. And I’m thinking I don’t remember joining this forum all those years ago. Then it came to me. This used to be dtvinfo forum!
  3. I have done that. When playing a movie with atmos connected to the HDMI ARC port of my tv, my AVR says source Dolby Atmos – True HD when I choose info on my AVR ”Sound - Dolby Atmos Signal - Dolby Atmos - TrueHD.” Now when playing it on the HDMI non arc port, it says the same thing, source Dolby Atmos -True HD.. https://community.cedia.net/blogs/david-meyer/2018/06/25/dolby-atmos-over-hdmi-arc Hmm...
  4. That’s what I think, but then someone says something different! So I’m still unsure.
  5. So in summary. Avoid using ARC on tv, buy external device such as Apple TV for Netflix, etc. This will avoid any issues regarding lossless audio or not on 4K BR, because I’m not using ARC.
  6. I don’t care about Netflix not being in atmos :). I’m only worrying about my 4K Blu-Ray player not playing lossless atmos ;).
  7. I use the Netflix app on my tv because through Netflix on PS4 it always activates HDR even during SD content.
  8. Ok. Even though I’m using the HDMI arc port on my tv? ( this is the bit that’s confusing me, because I read that HDMI ARC cannot do atmos or any lossless audio) but that’s only when playing something though the tv like the Netflix app I think.
  9. Ok, but through my 4K player connected to my receiver it will be lossless not compresses atmos.
  10. I have a 5.1 setup, and you’re right, overhead sounds will be directed to the rear channels. But that wasn’t what I wanted to know. My question is, how I described my setup in the opening post, am I getting lossless atmos or lossy ( compressed) audio. My AVR says Dolby True HD Atmos when I press info on my avr remote. So I’m assuming it’s lossless.
  11. Hi, I’m a bit confused about this now, because I’ve gotten different answers. I am using the HDMI arc connection ( it’s the only HDMI out) (Denon avr-x1600h) connected to the HDMI arc on my tv ( Panasonic fz950 OLED (which is full bandwidth) I have my 4K blu ray player and PS4 Pro connected to my avr HDMI ports. When I’m playing a 4K movie with Atmos on my blu-ray player, am I getting it down-converted to something lower quality, or full lossless atmos? I understand that playing something from my tv, eg the Netflix app, I wont be able to get Atmo
  12. Sony UK have a 40inch version of the HX850 series which isn't available in Australia.Would this TV be compatible with our voltage and digital tv reception? http://www.sony.co.uk/product/tv-102-40-lcd/kdl-40hx853 Thanks.
  13. Sent you an email, but someone contacted me before you did.If he changes his mind, I will sell it to you if you're interested.
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