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  1. No, it's for who referred me. It asks for "IceTV Member ID of person that referred you".
  2. I'm about to purchase the BW DP-Lite through ICE TV. When ordering, it tells me that the box is eligible for a referral bonus. Would a (regular) poster here like me to put them down? I don't know anybody who uses it.
  3. Thanks very much Peter. I think I'll do exactly this. The Popcorn player is a great machine, but it does have some faults. Using it as a backup though will be perfectly fine, just no longer day-to-day use. I think I'll go ahead and purchase. I've never been keen on Youtube and other stuff directly on my TV. I think one day that will change (maybe Hulu?) but there isn't a great must-have Internet service yet for me. Youtube is more suited to PCs.
  4. I'm looking for some advice on a PVR. I've had IQ2 for a year or so, but moved recently. Found that I'm not really missing Foxtel, so rather than getting Foxtel again, new plan is just to get a PVR for FTA. I also own an old Popcorn Hour media player (first model from 2008), so am using the opportunity to (hopefully) get rid of it, and get an all-in-one box. So, playing off the network is a must. I have no need for recording from analogue. I have read through the forums, and am leaning towards the Beyonwiz DPlite-i. My concerns are that it seems to be based on old technology, which is d
  5. I agree with you. If I want to be immersed in a cinema-like experience, I want a large screen: bigger the better. Here's the problem: Most of the time I don't want to be immersed in what is on TV. When the kids are watching the wiggles first thing in the morning, or if I have the news on in the background in the evening, I want it to be just that: in the background. And the larger the TV, the larger it's presence. Something over 50" demands your attention. It's like standing in front of a flashing neon sign saying "watch me!". If I had a dedicated home theatre room, I'd love to have a 6
  6. That's hardly surprising. HDMI is a video/audio spec. DVI is only for video. So a DVI/HDMI converter will only convert the video.
  7. I'm also no expert in the matter. But I think screen size is all about personal preference, not scientific fact. Pixel size/resolution and what is visible from various distances is based upon scientific fact, but with TV's being full HD these days it isn't terribly relevant. Some people are happy with 32" TV's in a 4mx4m room, while others prefer 58" in a 3x3m room. Neither is wrong. I'd suggest the sales assistant based their advice on what most people are happy with. Probably most are happy with a 40" in a 3x3 room, and don't find it overwhelming (something which they'd probably get us
  8. The one year warranty on the Samsung is one of the factors I stayed away from them. To offer such a short warranty on an expensive item is ridiculous. It was more the principle than any reflection on the quality.
  9. See it here: http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/hometec...91109-i4kf.html Love this bit: That's music to the ears of the chief executive of Fox Sports, David Malone. For the past year, the company has broadcast a single high definition channel, a compendium of what is showing in standard definition on Fox Sports 1, 2 and 3. But from November 15, all Fox Sports coverage becomes available in the 10ADI format of HD. 10ADI? Do they do any research at all there? Surely they mean 1080i!
  10. I agree here. I did like the LED edge-lit Samsung. Then I did a bit of research on here and found out about its problems. It's good to get advice here on the model you do decide on (assuming you have any remaining questions). I wouldn't ask about sizing here though: "bigger is better" is the general attitude: [You're 1.5m from the screen and have a 4k budget? Go for a 65"!]. It's a bit like asking if a Nissan Micra is suitable on a car enthusiasts forum. But doing your research, and utilising this forum, means that your going to make a good decision and hopefully get a good price.
  11. I will bet that after sitting at a dining table that seats 12 people for a week in their home VERY few people would want to go smaller. Just about everyone who has owned a dining table that only sits 6 people would like a larger one if money was of no concern. A ridiculous statement like yours. It doesn't take into account the room size, the consumers requirements, or the consumers wants. I also bought a 40". While the cost was obviously a factor in which TV I bought, it had ZERO influence on the size. If I had a home theatre room with a massive wall, then I'd get a 65". But I live in a
  12. Thanks. I think the price is somewhat due to a drop in the RRP down to $2599. I haven't had a chance to mess around with the settings yet. By the time I got it set up, the family was home, and on went the Wiggles, which doesn't really do the TV justice! All a matter of opinion. I read through several foreign forums. A considerable amount of people said it had the best picture quality of any TV out there. When I went and had a look myself, it impressed me the most. I don't really care about locally dimming (though it would be nice). All I care about is the best PQ. You clearly thi
  13. I picked up the 40" LED model today (LC40LE700X) for $2100.
  14. I picked one up this afternoon for $2100, a price I'm happy with! First impressions are that it looks like a great TV, picture is excellent. Sound is a little tinny, but will be using a separate system for that, so no dramas.
  15. Thanks Steve. Sharp doesn't seem to get much coverage these days: I was wondering if anybody had actually purchased the LC-40LE700X. How much did you pay for it?
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