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  1. I am after a small HD TV as per the title. I am after a high quality one which will give excellent pic quality in SD and HD and will also be suitable for gaming. Have been searching the net for a while but haven't found much except for Panasonic TH-L24X5A and Blaupunkt BPV2414FHD and Samsung UN22D5003 (which I prefer but not sure if still available in Oz). Going to be using it in my caravan and it can be 240V only as I have a pure sine wave inverter. Anyone has any experience with any of these? Thanks
  2. Well I ended up just buying the 800A. Great picture in HD and great for gaming with the xbox 360. It's also compatible with my Panasonic HD Cam. Love the auto tuning for digital and analog because we travel the country areas a lot and get to places where there is none or some digital channels only. Very happy sofar. Cheers
  3. Hi all, I want to purchase a HD LCD TV for use in a caravan when travelling and it needs to have at least the following (or better): 2 HDMI inputs 2 Component inputs PC input True HD of 1920X1080 720P, 1080i and 1080P no bigger then 32" Low power consumption on mains Fast for use with XBox 360. Software upgradable Analog and Digital tuner Not too concerned about the cost, I want quality Any recommendations appreciated. Thanks Gerard
  4. Well...........my HD-C26 HD box crapped out this morning. Smack on coinciding with the Olympics. Has worked flawlessly for 2.5 years. Not good. It has "INIT" on the display and won't fire up. Seems it has locked up. Gonna buy a new HD box to day. Any recommendations? Thinking of the Topfield TF7010HT. Anyone has a solution for the Toshiba box not firing up? Cheers Gerard
  5. My HD-C26 Toshiba settop box is just about 2 years old and has not missed a beat. I have upgraded the firmware a couple of times when it was available on the Castle website however, I can't find that site anymore. Does anyone know where I can find firmware upgrades on the web for this settop box? Cheers
  6. Below is a reply I got from Lyngsat: Not sure if it will all work in Australia but time will tell I suppose: =========================================== The LyngBox will be available in the market from March 2007 and the initial target market will be Europe, however we will sell the units via on-line sales and also will start to look for distributors in other regions. Regarding the technical compliance with Australian market the LyngBox will work in the Australian environment as it is a DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T as Australian has come far in the deployment of HDTV I am sure that the LyngBox
  7. I also would like to thank you for updating the HD listing of programs every week. We sincerely appreciate it, JandG
  8. Have not had any problems with mine. What version software is yours? Is it still under warranty and if so get it replaced or fixed. Cheers
  9. Hi all, Can someone clear this up for me? When I choose to watch channel 20 (in Sydney) I get ABC but sometimes there is just the ABC symbol and no program as such. My set top box is set to auto and changes from 576i or p to 720p or 1080i according to what is broadcasts. So when there is only the ABC logo on channel 20 does that mean that there is NO 720p program and when there is actually a program on channel 20 that that is always in 720p. In other words on channel 20 the broadcast is always in 720p? Thanks
  10. I would have thought so. However the version firmware you want it to be is 73T21. Get the guy in the shop to check it for you by hooking it up to a TV. Upgrading the firmware is a piece of cake though on these STB's. Mine has been ok and is just 1 year old almost and is always left on. Picture is superb. Cheers
  11. Just done the firmware upgrade on my HS STB Toshiba HD-C26H and have not noticed any differences with the previous version firmware. The website does not give info either. Does any one know what the possible improvements are? And also, what do you guys mean by "Extended Program info" which seems to be an issue. Is that the now & next thingy? Cheers
  12. Their is a new version firmware for the above HD set top box and I was wondering if anyone has upgraded and what the improvements / changes are. Cheers
  13. If you mean the Toshiba HD-C26H then I can say I have had this unit since December last year and have enjoyed the use of it. I have upgraded the firmware (which you can do yourself) to solve a small issue. But otherwise, the picture has been superb. Cheers
  14. First time I saw 720p on my Hitachi 8800. Great pics, great detail. I am not up with all the technical stuff but I have to say I prefer 1080i. When compared to the pics from WIN 80 loop(s) it isn't just as defined. But a good step in the right direction. Well done ABC
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