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  1. I invested in the Sennheiser AMBEO soundbar + dual Rels for exactly this purpose. Sounds convincing enough, for my movie/stream watching purpose. Havent regretted the need to go back to having a 5 speaker setup again. Allowed me to just keep the stereo and av setups seperate in the lounge room whilst keeping the box count low and not look like an AV store. Im happy, + kids + boss happy!
  2. Yep. The designers used multiple of these dacs in parallel to achieve better s/n ratios. The teradak designs come to mind stacking 8x chips in NOS mode. Had one of these 12 years ago, not a bad dac at all. The output stage made the most difference, since it used capacitors that could be swapped for different flavours.
  3. Ditto. Had the modi and heard the modius. Couldnt tell them apart.
  4. Had this temporarily in my system, not a bad phonostage at the RRP, more of a bargain at the asking price
  5. Fatherhood on Netflix. I could relate to some moments in that movie as a father during my daughter's baby and toddler years. Yes, i had to do a few mothers group sessions when the missus couldn't attend due to work. Was awkward at first but they eventually inducted me into the mother's club
  6. So hence forth @Bill125812 shall be known as the 'The Cable Guy'.... wait.. wasnt there a movie named the same?
  7. soundtrack on vampire bloodlines was awesome. Lacuna coil
  8. Vampire the Masquerade and Bloodlines - up there...so was Deus Ex ORG.
  9. Played Doom when it was shareware..as a kid. Yep Quake, Quake 2...all good games, but yeah wasted a lot of my youth on Diablo 1-2.. Did AVP for a while too, that was a great game..playing the Pred was hard
  10. @Pashmeister I got a cheap capacitor discharging tool that does the job nicely. As @muon* pointed out its easy to replace the caps. Just as a safety precaution, i remove the power cable from preamp and leave it overnight. Using the discharge tool i touch the leads in .wait 2 seconds..and then untouch them. Its a pain but from my experience with the 2-4uf output caps, this takes less than 10 seconds effort to complete until its fully discharged. What you need to be really careful off are the bypass capacitors on the preamp. These take a lot longer (2-3mins) to discharge fully as I us
  11. Think quite a few of us been down that path @DrMikeOz but its the journey that was more enjoyed than the dacs imo. Yeah, now that you mention this, and me thinking about it...gosh, a lot of hard earned was spent sampling the latest dac craze. But its so true, you hit a point of satisfaction and the need to upgrade diminishes - (for a while is the key word)..
  12. What der... is that cabling for a nuke reactor?
  13. Curious original not the evolved.
  14. Bills WE USB is pretty good for the coin. It bested my curious in a few ways. Esp when im using it right through the chain to the SGR actives. I never realised how much better the CX4Fs could be in all aspects until i had the WE cables in my system. Imaging and soundstaging width and depth improved alot.
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