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  1. I find it quite ironical that according to YOU (yet again) I am the one who apparently was wasting everyone time when you were initially the one that questioned me - Are you a female by any chance? As it appears you are never wrong… Last time I did maths 3400 still appeared to be several hundred to me (around 34 to be exact) so according to your logic being that I own more Blu Ray discs than you, my opinion is once again more credible than yours...It all boils down to interpretation and lateral thinking, a skill you appear have yet to acquire… (As I have already said it is around this figure,
  2. Once again I stand by my original statement and I can assure you that the US version of First Blood is superior in sound and picture quality (Not by a large magnitude - but definately superior) I will stand by that no matter what you or any other technical forum member on here or anywhere else on the planet says... As for my Blu Ray collection being a big deal, last time I counted them (as it has been a while now) I had just under 3400 discs in my back room adjacent to my cinema room (that I don't feel inclined to post on the internet) but if you would like to get into the technical reasons I
  3. I think it would have been probably a better idea that you did not respond. Just because YOU say it is fact that does not mean that it is...Or is it the fact that anyone else who has an opionion that is different to yours bothers you? As for my credibility and knowing knowing what I am talking about... I have worked in the Entertainment industry for 35 years as a paid professional and people pay for my expertise in this exact area. I also have a state of the art custom built cinema in my house which I designed and also built myself, I own several hundred Blu Ray discs (Not downloaded), which
  4. Absolutely, exactly why I predominantly order from the US... Also far better presented, more collectable, cheaper, more titles avaliable and the list goes on and on...
  5. I have viewed both the local release and the US version of first Blood and to my eyes & ears the US version is superior in sound and picture quality...
  6. That's exactly why I purchase 98% of my Blu Rays overseas (Amazon US) Sub standard service, cheap quality at an inflatiable price = Most Aussie retailers And they wonder why we are shopping overseas online more often now that ever before
  7. The 2 disc Blu Ray is now $15.98. JB are having a 20% off sale, the wait is over...
  8. Absolutely...Contrast and black levels are THE limiting factors in image quality, no two ways about it...What concerns me is the marketing BS some people believe.
  9. I have had my JVC for almost two years now and it has never faulted and always provided a brilliant picture, I think you will find that the Epson failure rate is far higher than the JVC's mate...
  10. I also have a 120" Screen Technics Scope screen Matrix white with the silver backing - Couldn't be happier!
  11. Hi loser, Thanks for your input! I have auditioned several subs as well as other THX speakers for my room and have come to the conclusion that this set is by far the best I have heard. I find that the push pull scenario the X12 offers is quite sound, as I currently have a sub that does the same thing and it works (for me) flawlessly.
  12. Thanks for that aad_ht I was pretty much decided on the X12 anyway That is a great article though, I didn't realise they were so different on paper!
  13. I am just about to purchase a 7.1 set of these incredible speakers. I auditioned them over the weekend and was blown away with the quality! However, I am getting the X12 sub over the X10 and I am also getting the on wall version of these speakers that will sit under my 2:35.1 scope screen (130 inch) I have a couple of questions though.. How much better would the X12 sub be over the X10 sub and the on wall speakers have about a 20 degree angle on them (pointing down) so being that they will be installed below my screen (about 70 cm from floor) I was thinking on just turning the speakers ove
  14. Thanks bjc - I have actually already seen that add... I want the full 5.1 set though.
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